How To Overcome Motorcycle Strike Due To Flood

How To Overcome Motorcycle Strike Due To Flood

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For those of you (motorcyclists) who are in flood-prone areas so special vigilance is required especially when entering the rain as it is now. Sometimes when the flood strikes, you have no other choice and have to hit the flood while riding a motorcycle. But it makes your motor risks jammed due to flood waters that enter into the engine of your motor. To overcome this, in this article I will discuss how to overcome a motorcycle jam or strike due to flooding.

If you have a motor due to flooding, things you should do include:

Keep Calm and Do not Panic

Do not panic when you have to pass a flood that stagnates on the highway you will pass, if still can then turn the course and find another way. But if there is no other option, then try to break through the flood with focus and attention to puddles of water that is too deep.

Check Spark Plug

How to overcome the motorcycle break down due to the next flood is to check the state of the spark plug. If your motorcycle is stuck because of flooding, find a safe place and not flooded, then open your spark plug motor. Make sure that the spark plug does not have water, and if there is water in the spark plug, dry it immediately. Keep in mind so as not to direct the motor when your vehicle is jammed, it is to avoid the zipper.

Check the Air Filter

The next thing you need to look at in restricting the motor strike due to flooding and water is on the air filter normally if the motor is submerged in water will make the air channel a little rattling or mbrebet if my friend forced to use it, then clean the airways section by means of the gas station faucet cover from the fuel tank part into the water-soluble carburettor in the section and then reuse it if it is dry.

Clean the Carburetor

How to dispose of water in a motor carburetor, just have a screwdriver (-) to open the gas drain which is located at the bottom of the carburetor, beforehand if your motor has faucet to cover gasoline from the tank please cover first the faucet so that gasoline from the tank follow-up wasted, for more details you can see the picture below. This thing you need to do because when trapped flood, one part prone to water is carburetor.

Clean Water That Mauk In MufflerHow to overcome the motor strike due to the next flood is to clean water into the exhaust. The trick is to lift the motorcycle on the front wheel, then automatically the water that goes into the exhaust will come out by itself.

Replace Olie

Most cases when exposed to flooding is olie motor possession of water, and it resulted in motor performance is not maximal. To overcome this, check whether the olie is actually in the water or not, if it is true then immediately replace your motor with a new olie.

That's how to solve the motorcycle break down when flooded, may be useful for you all.

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