How To Overcome The Hard Couple In Educating Children

How To Overcome The Hard Couple In Educating Children

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Having a harmonious family like sakinah, mawadah, warohmah is the desire of every married couple. All come true if both partners have mutual respect for the couple, understand each other and trust each other. But if we do not think our spouse has a stubborn character that is clamorous for its stance it will not be realized. Especially in parenting, stubbornness often occurs in making choices. We as a partner must have a strong sense of patience to balance a stubborn couple so that things that do not want to happen.

Having a hard-nosed partner in educating a child is very unexpected because if we get to fight in front of this child will bring adverse effects to the child's development. So we as a partner need to do things like below:

Should give gentle counsel to the couple and encourage the couple to reflect on his experiences as a child and if treated like that. From here it can be expected his mind to be open that what in his nature in the past (which he now thinks is the best way to educate children) turned out to save the negative side.

Strengthen the couple with expert opinions about the statements in educating the right child. This can unlock the insight of the couple and realize that he is not necessarily true.

Discuss together to find the best way out so that couples do not feel wrong with the wrong decision. After getting the results together, give a hug there is a partner.

Help the couple to fix himself. That his opinion will still be heard / considered without him having to be stubborn.

That's how to overcome a couple who have a stubborn character. May be useful.

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