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Activities that require energy make our bodies sweat easily. That's why in the morning before the move the majority of people use deodorant to ward off the smell of sweat (unpleasant body odor).

Body odor or BB caused by sweat that is broken down by microorganisms. The more sweat is parsed, the stronger the odor will be. But not all body members issue a bad odor, but only certain places only.

In the skin tissue there are two types of sweat glands, namely ecrine and apocrine glands. The ecrine gland has been around since we were born, and all limbs include the legs and hands. This gland secretes sweat more dilute and odorless.

While apocrine glands begin to exist at the time of human pubersitas and only exist in certain places, namely the armpit, nipple, genital area, belly button, outer ear canal. This gland secretes a thick secretion that empties into the hair in certain places. If the secretion or sweat it to the surface of the skin and contact with microorganisms in the body will cause an unpleasant odor.

Everyone definitely wants to get rid of the existing body odor, because it can cause embarrassment and lack of confidence.

There are several ways to overcome the problem, one of them by using traditional ingredients. Traditional ways include:

With betel leaf water that has antiseptic effect. How to rinse the area of ??the genitalia which is a humid area.
Beluntas leaves and basil leaves are consumed for lalapan (raw). It serves to eliminate body odor in all organs of the body.
Using a mixture of ginger, kencur, sugar. All the ingredients are boiled, then drink regularly.
With some clove flowers soaked in boiled water, then taken regularly.
Use lime mixed with lime (just a little for betel leaves to prevent the skin blister). This is useful for removing underarm odor. The way apply a mixture of material on the armpits.
Cucumber in the skin iris and applied to the armpits.
Axillary odor can also be removed with alum water.

For the dose of all the above ingredients approximate or just enough, because there is no definitive benchmark.

Well that's a variety of traditional materials that can be used to eliminate body odor. But keep in mind, in addition to consuming traditional ingredients above, you are also required to maintain body hygiene, such as a routine bath at least 2 times a day. This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor

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