How to Plant and Take Care of Trees

How to Plant and Take Care of TreesAfter we are inspired from the many writings, objects and phenomena about the tree as a source of life inspiration, then it is time we bring our love to the tree by planting and taking care of it. Moreover, in Indonesia, the Indonesian Movement Planting is an annual agenda that the President proclaimed to overcome the environmental crisis with the slogan "One Billion Trees (OBIT)" or the Semi-Trees Movement.

Given the large amount of land sacrificed for settlements, agricultural areas without trees, industrial and abandoned land make the environment less comfortable and less beautiful. Forest area is rapidly shrinking, changing with environmentally vulnerable land. Green Open Space as a public space to socialize the city community is also not common. Housing and settlement complexes do not make the park full of tree plants to be an important facility. Therefore, the Inspirational Tree Community wants to invite all friends can become active actors to save our environment, especially trees.

Where should we plant? Of course, where there is land, even in pots or in drums, trees can grow. Here, the Admin tries to share info on how to plant and care for trees to grow, grow and benefit nature.
Here are tips on planting and caring for trees:

1. Looking for Land
The land may be located on the property (home page, community garden or owned by the company / state and state land, where ownership and management are under government control) The land selected for planting should be guaranteed not to change its designation in the long term Growth of trees let alone forest land takes a long time (over 10 years) to create a good and functioning forest ecosystem, so think carefully so that tree planting is not merely ceremonial.

2. Right Seed
Once found a suitable location, the next step is to choose the type of seed to be planted. The types to be planted are in accordance with the conditions of land, designation and function for the environment. If you want our environment shady then choose the type of tree whose leaves are shady and large stature such as Trembesi, Flamboyan, Kersen or Beringin. On fertile land, Sengon and Acacia trees can survive. If you want us to enjoy the fruit harvest, then tanalah fruit trees such as Mango, Avocado, Rambutan, Durian, etc .. However, do not plant Durian in places with heavy traffic because if the fruit falls can make people wretched. If for the roadside green line, look for tree species whose fruit is small, not many leaves fall, fast growing and can also have flowers such as Angsana, Kersen, Malabar, Bungur, Falmboyan, Asam Jawa and others. Remember the roadside crops do not root that stands out to the ground because it will damage the road and endanger the road users.

3. Make Planting Hole
Seeds that have been selected, now is the time ready for planting. Provide planting holes made a day before planting (preferably). This step is carried out so that the air temperature inside and above the soil surface where stable planting so that it can help reduce stess on the plant. Stressful plants will be difficult to adapt to the new environment. Planting hole made at least 20 cm x 20 cm (according to seed size) with 30 cm 40 cm (according to medium and root shape). At the beginning of the planting needs to be added manure or compost to help add nutrients or nutrients for the "new inhabitants" of the earth.

4. Time to Plant.
Implementation of planting should be done starting at 07.00 -09.00 and 17.00 18.00 (depending on local time, WIB / WITA / WIT), because at that hour the ground surface temperature is not too high and stable so as to avoid stress on plant seeds. If not possible to plant at that time can be done at another hour, but once planted immediately make shade to avoid the blazing sun that hit the seeds that can burn the green leaves of plants. Sun-burning seedlings cause leaf chlorophyll can not pass through the process of photosynthesis and cause plants to die quickly.

5. Planting Tree Seeds
Seeds that will be planted first released from the bags of growing media (polybag) and then planted with the growth medium. When removing the polybag (do not forget to pray first), it needs a careful action to prevent the growth of the media is not damaged, Plants placed in an upright position so that the growth process can grow well and if necessary be refuted with bamboo. Then close the plant hole by entering the excavated soil and gently pressing around the plant until the seeds can stand up well. Then pray for God to keep our plants.
After the seedlings are planted should be given a marker / marker marker or fenced. Splitting is not just a sign of seed

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