How to Plant Chilli Java Efficacious Drugs

How to Plant Chilli Java Efficacious Drugs

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Same name and taste but different shapes and types this chili java and chilli that we know. Chilli Javan is a native Indonesian plant that can be planted in the yard, fields and some still grow wild. This plant is still related to pepper, cubeb and betel.

Javanese chilli plants have the characteristics of growing climbing, twisting or crawling, and have sticky roots. The root is almost the same as the roots of betel plants or pepper. For the growth of this plant requires a plant large enough to embed its roots.

How to plant this plant can be by cuttings, following the steps:

Find a healthy mother tree that is more than a year old, fertile and stems straight but not too old.
Cut the branches with a sharp blade 30-40 cm long or have 3-4 segments. Remove some leaves to reduce evaporation. Cut the bottom of the cuttings with the growth regulator or by soaking it with 25 percent coconut water for 12 hours.
Prepare polobag that has been in the content of seed media yng a mixture of fertile soil, sand and compost with a ratio of 1: 1: 1. Plug the cuttings upright into the medium as deep as 4-5 cm and tighten around the base of the cuttings.
Flush with water until moist and place it in a safe and shady place.
Move to the garden if it is about 5 months old.

Keep in mind this plant can tower up following the height of the tree so it needs pruning to keep this plant short and productive. Pruning can be done after the plant reaches a height of 1.5 meters and then do pruning again 3 times a year. Pruning aims to plant chilli Javanese short and facilitate the time when the harvest arrives.

No one to plant chilli Java in addition to high selling point chili Java also has a remarkable benefits include:

To increase sexual arousal

By taking 30 grams of chili pepper that has become powder, 3 pieces of chili petai fruit that has become flour, 2 eggs yolk, and 1 tablespoon honey. How to make is stir the egg yolks, put chilli java and chinese petai flour then add honey while in stir until blended. Drink this herb every day undoubtedly sexual arousal will rise.

To treat liver disease

By taking 3 grains of chilli Java, 1 finger lempuyang rhizome hand and enough water. How to make it is mixed with chili java and lempuyang mashed until smooth. Add 1 glass of water then squeeze and strain. Drink once as much as 100 ml. Stop consuming if defecation is smooth.

That's how the cultivation of chillies Java, may be useful

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