How to Plant Vegetables in Polybag

How to Plant Vegetables in Polybag

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to grow vegetables is not as difficult as we imagine, vegetables are like humans too, vegetables need food (fertilizer), need to drink, need health care, well if all three are met then vegetables will grow optimally.

the preparation we need to start planting vegetables on the home page is quite simple
equipment, hoe, cement spoon / spade, sprayer (2 liter spray tank) or can use sprayer to iron the clothes.

for planting media we can use polybag, plastic bucket, or anything else that can accommodate the soil, for my celery plant using polybag size 1 kg while tomato & chilli yg size 4 kg.

first we enter the soil and compost / manure into polybag 1/3 size polybag do not have full fill, because later after the plant is rather large we will add compost and soil. compost and soil ratio 1: 1 (compost is now widely sold in agricultural shops / ornamental plants where in big cities), after polybag filled with soil and compost and then flush with HAK & EM4 (humid acid, potassium & efective microorganism) in selling at the farm shop if you have trouble getting enough watering with fish / chicken / meat wash water, or rice wash water. nah from now you can no longer dispose of water used wash rice, chicken, fish, and also the rest of unused vegetables that can be used for liquid fertilizer.

how very easy you prepare a bucket there is a lid, better size 20 liters. every time you finish washing the rice, chicken, meat and also the rest of the vegetables before, you enter into the bucket closed tightly, also added 1 kg white sugar and 1 liter of coconut water, after 7 days so liquid fertilizer can be used for your plant fertilizer just now.

back to the way of planting for vegetable seeds we have to buy to the farm shop before planting the seeds in the first soak with warm water nails + – 15 minutes ago can be directly planted into polybags,

after 3 days usually the plants begin to grow, to avoid the young plants die from rain, you can use glass bottle glass water to cover the plant until the age of 1 month, and do not forget the plants do not drought use water washing rice to water your plants the celery of the soil should always be moist every day for dry or dry season).

well after the food and beverages have been met now health care, here I only give organic maintenance because for small-scale planting usually rarely affected by the disease. for spraying once a week use 2 cloves garlic mash finely mixed with 2 liters of water, spray into the plant evenly.

for tomato & chilli plants if there is white lice in the plant you can semmprotkan soursop leaf extract / srikaya / seeds, soursop leaves 15 pieces mashed fine with 2 liters filter water spray evenly to the plant.

well here's the simplest and easiest way to gardening in the yard, good luck.

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