How To Play Garena Arena Of Valor (AOV) On Computer or Laptop Without Lag

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Do you want to try playing the Garena Arena of Valor game – AOV (formerly Mobile Arena) on your computer or laptop? Can! Currently there are a variety of Android emulators that can be used to play Arena of Valor on a computer without experiencing obstacles or lag.

From the number of Android emulators created, here I use the NOX emulator to play Arena of Valor on the computer.

For those of you who want to know how to play Arena of Valor on a computer using the Nox emulator, here's the complete guide.

How to Play Arena of Valor on a Computer Without Lag

Arena of Valor is one of the popular DotA MOBA games on Android smartphones. This game carries 5v5 game with 3 lane and various forest monsters that you can kill. In addition, the graphics provided are also pretty good.

Although Arena of Valor is a game for smartphones, you can still play games from Garena through a computer or laptop.

Install NOX for Main Arena of Valor

Download Nox App Player and install as usual on your computer or laptop.
Download also the latest version of the APK file of Arena of Valor and place it where it is easy to find.
Once Nox is installed, drag and drop the APK file of Arena of Valor to Nox, then install the APK.
(Optional) You can also install Arena of Valor via Google Play Store in Nox.
Once Arena of Valor is successfully installed, next is a way to control it

How to Control Arena of Valor in NOX

If controlling the Arena of Valor from the smartphone can by touch-touch. When playing on a computer, it can not be done unless your monitor supports touch screen.

To control Arena of Valor on Nox PC, you must set the virtual keyboard inside Nox. Here's how.Open the Simulate Touch feature (CTRL + 1) on the right.
NOX gives ease of users who want to play Arena of Valor at Nox. There is already a special button for the game Arena of Valor, then select Apply> Save.
If you feel uncomfortable, you can change the buttons as you like.

The final word

That's an easy way to install and play Arena of Valor on a computer with the help of NOX emulators. For you who first tried it would feel difficult. Therefore, you can switch first in Custom Mode.

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