How To Practice Preserving Simplicia Drugs

How To Practice Preserving Simplicia Drugs

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This is the right way to preserve medicinal plants safely on sustainable Medication. Preservate turmeric bulbs by Simplicia.

Storing fresh medicinal plants by drying is quite safe, this way of preservation is commonly called Simplicia without reducing the amount of kasiat from the drug content present in the plant.

At the time of our medicinal plants abundant, often confused how to save it, especially when we are undergoing treatment using traditional medicine or herbal medicine, when the medicinal plants that we get a lot to excessive, but the needs are only a little but its use in a long time . What happened? the plant will change function. If we leave it in the open air that occurs in a short time the plants are moldy, if the tuber plants will usually grow buds into new plants that can not be utilized anymore, according to experts if such conditions are different drug content even sometimes turned toxic.

Often occurs at the time of on-going treatment, while the medicinal plant we have just used two or three times, but has begun to decompose dry and peyot then rot. Though this plant takes it from a distant place.

So sometimes confused, even the plants become wasteful eventually wasted, dear is not it? for that let's try to preserve medicinal plants safely.

Let's see how to preserve naturally without reducing the benefits but still efficacious, the important thing is safe not to use chemicals.

Well this is how to preserve Medicinal Plants from tubers, for example Turmeric, Ginger, Ginger, Turmeric white and others sebagaimya. At first what we noticed was the cleanliness of the plant itself. Must always be washed cleanly. Then the bulbs are to dry evenly we should thinly sliced, then we dry in the morning sun at seven to nine, because ultra violetnya content is still very useful. While back and forth to dry, after quite dry until a few days of drying then crushed, then we keep a safe place. Can also be stored in dry slices do not have to be pounded first, when we have not needed.

In addition to dried with a free fuel giving the Creator, residing on the live wear, can also be dried by way in the oven, gas / electricity costs are quite expensive right? Well …

Similarly, with medicinal plants in the form of leaves, the way is by washed, sliced ??and then dried.

Dry storage is safer not overgrown with fungi. Even if the storage is very long before usable enough we wash the net can be consumed.

Medicinal plants that have been made SimpliciaHere is an example of a medicinal plant that has become Simplicia, various ways of use, in the dry slices directly brewed, the team, as well as made powder and brewed with hot water.

Well, it is so easy that we can treat everything from the gift of the Almighty the Merciful-the Heavens and the Earth, provided for the needs of His Mankind, we are sufficient from the cheap medicines, why are they called cheap? because in the weeds alone there are many plants that have medicinal merit from where we want to learn and do it, through the universe, we live human beings who must be able to make the most of it, for a very useful purpose by exploring what already exists. Believe the natural remedies that have been prepared by HAE efficacious efficacy if the right target, let alone accompanied by Kulonuwun Please Ridho and Guidance to the Creator, undoubtedly the disease disappears. Insha Allah.

Good luck !!

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