How to Prevent Domestic Affairs

How to Prevent Domestic Affairs

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Infidelity should you prevent the household that you have intertwined does not waver or destroyed. How to prevent cheating is one of them by always assume that your partner is the best. In addition there are several more ways to not easily fall into the abyss of infidelity, that way include:

Do not be fad

How to avoid the first infidelity is not a fad, ie do not try to tease the type swamp. Maybe initially just a tempting fad, but if it's continuous then aka become a habit. If you do not respond to teasing, it may not be a danger, but when your idle temptation to be with him, that could be the beginning of the affair. Therefore do not like idly teasing the opposite sex to be free from infidelity.

Always Communication

While you are working or your partner is working, always try to spend time to communicate. Giving news is a way to minimize the affair, because you and your partner will remember that there is always awaiting.

Keep the Distance Safer

In order not to happen next affair is to maintain a safe distance with friends or friends of the opposite sex. Professional course that your closeness with office friends is limited to colleagues, do not think for more.

Remember the Holy Promise

At the beginning of marriage, you and your spouse will say the sacred promise to always live together in joy and sorrow. Always remember the sacred promise, so you are not easy to cheat. Promise that you say not just to say it, but you must run.

Remember the Child

How to prevent cheating in the next household is to always remember the child. If in your household already dikaruniani child, then there is no more reason for you to cheat.Remember Karma

Karma is a bad thing that will happen later when we do a bad thing in the present. Karma can befall you through you directly or your family members. So stay away from an affair, because there is a child and your brother who may one day be exposed to karma for what you are doing now.

Remember Consequences

The safest way to avoid the next affair is to remember the consequences that will receive, one of the toughest consequences is that you will lose your partner.

Remembering Sin

Cheating is a big sin, whatever it is that cheating is a sin. The sin you make with an affair is not only against your spouse but with God.

That's how to avoid infidelity in the household. May be useful for you all.

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