How to Reduce Belching

How to Reduce Belching

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Normal human average burped 30 times per day. Belching is a normal function of the body that useful mengeluarka gas or air that accumulate in the stomach, so as to reduce discomfort. But even though natural, this is sometimes very embarrassing when belching occurs in public.

The cause of belching is when humans eat or drink, then actually air like oxygen gas and nitrogen also into the stomach. If the air has been piled up then it should be spent through a burp. The drinking habit of using a straw can also increase the volume of air ingested simultaneously during drinking. Drink cans and soft drinks can also cause belching.

Then how to reduce it? Below are some ways that can be done to reduce belching:

It would be better to eat 6 times a day with small portions, compared to eating 3 times a day in large portions. This happens because eating with small portions will be easily digested, also the ingested gas will be reduced.

Avoid lying down or sleeping after eating. Be more baiik out eating a moment or sitting with a position close to kneeling for 10 minutes. This can help digest food better.

Consumption of fennel seeds, a piece of dried ginger or ginger candy after meals. This method can help reduce the gas bounced and alleviate the problem of the compound.

Eat and drink calmly, slowly and do not rush.

Belching as I have already pointed out that it is a normal function to remove gas in the stomach, then this is a fairness. But keep in mind if belching persists continuously accompanied by symptoms such as abdominal pain, chest feels hot, nausea, vomiting, weight loss, then you should immediately to consult a doctor.

Similarly a brief article about belching and how to reduce it. Hopefully useful for you.

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