How to Report Hoax News on Facebook, Google, and Twitter

How to Report Hoax News on Facebook, Google, and Twitter

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The 'fake news' on the internet has become a topic of news in recent weeks – especially since the presidential election in the United States, and also in Indonesia recently allegedly blasphemous religion.

These fake news appear primarily on Facebook, Google, and Twitter – each platform has its own system that lets users report fake news. One platform is better than the others, while some do not even have that system.

Before you report the false news, you should first ask yourself: do I believe this news is fake or hoax? Has the news been reported by other news sources as well? Are the evidence convincing?

If you're sure, here's how to report the fake news on social media. Let's take an example of an upload about the US election.


"Hillary Clinton's campaign team pays 'professional actors' to protest at the Trump rally," he wrote. Looks convincing, especially if uploaded by your relatives or friends.

Facebook Menu Report Post
If you are unsure of this news, click the down arrow located at the top right (visible in red circle) and select "report post" or if you are in Indonesian setting, you can select 'report submission'.

After that you will be asked, "What happened?" Here, you are asked to select the reason why you reported the upload. The best answer, the second is, "I do not think this should be on Facebook."

Facebook Then select, "I do not think this should be on Facebook."
Explain in more detail in the next window. Choose the option, "this is the news story is wrong" or in English choose, "It's a false news story."

Last Facebook, select "This is news news is wrong."
One more thing, we recommend you do all these options. Block, hide all uploads from the account, and various other options.

GoogleIf you see suspicious news on Facebook and WhatsApp, where do you usually check? Yes, most people answer Google!

Google chief executive Sundar Pichai says 'false news' should not be distributed, and we agree.

Imagine what we felt when we were looking for news about 'paid protesters' or 'paid protesters' on Google … and found one of the links.

Google Google may present a fake news link

This is the same site that pretends to be ABC News, which we show above.

"Trump protesters testified: we were paid US $ 3,500 for …." as the title appears in the search results.

If you want to tell Google, you should go to the bottom of the page and click on 'feedback'.

Google Feedback Buttons on Google
Please provide a clear description and input the link you are reporting.

For example, write that, "The top search results are fake news sites and their content is not true."

Google Write down the reason that the news is hoaxed
Do not forget to do a 'screenshot' and they even ask you to show which sentences are not correct.

TwitterTwitter is quite active in overcoming hate speech and threats on their micro-blog sites, but the tool for reporting 'fake news' seems limited.

You must click on the three dot symbol at the bottom right and select 'report tweet' or 'report chirp'.

Twitter Button Report Tweet

See the options, there is no match. Calling it spam does not match. Fake news is dangerous, but it seems inappropriate to choose the third option. So we advise you to click the first option (spam) or option I'm not interested in (I am not interested).


Click the three dot symbol at the top right of each upload on Instagram and click 'report' or 'report' then select 'It is inappropriate' or 'inappropriate'.

There is no option that directly states 'this is fake news'. So better choose to report it as 'spam'.

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