How to Resolve Disputes and Misunderstandings

How to Resolve Disputes and Misunderstandings

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Disputes and misunderstandings are frequent among humans, this is natural because everyone has different and diverse characters and traits. But it should not be allowed to not be protracted and prolonged. Whatever the problems that make the dispute should be stopped immediately. Then how? Here's how to resolve disputes and misunderstandings:

Talk about it

Most people who are not clueless, and have a medsos account like FB and BBM, will instead make a status in the medsos to reveal the anger. That's the wrong way because it will confuse the atmosphere and not solve the problem. The best way is to talk together from heart to heart, and talk about what is at the heart of the problem. But keep in mind, preferably cold heart to avoid further disputes.

Apologize and Forgive

Actually it is simple to dampen the dispute, that is if it is wrong then ask for forgiveness and if he confess wrong and have apologized, then forgive. That's a very beautiful thing of course. But in reality it is not that easy, because most people who are at loggerheads will hold on to his stance and think he is the most righteous. Do not be like a child who wants to win alone, it's good to admit mistakes that occur.

Do not Until Others Know

It should be enough that you and he who knows, so as not to spread where. Usually if hearing friends or relatives have a problem with others, it will even confuse the atmosphere and they do not accept the incident. It would be better if the problem is solved both of you who have the problem. Do not with emotion of course, dampened emotions and ego respectively.

Take Lesson

In every event there must be a lesson, then take lessons and wisdom from the incident. The lesson that can be taken is that you are more careful in acting the horn so as not to offend other people's feelings.

Respect others, then you will be rewarded as well. Do not speak that can hurt the feelings and hearts of others. That's how to handle disputes in order to establish rapport again. May be useful.

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