How to Respond When Knowing Former Make Same Friends

How to Respond When Knowing Former Make Same Friends

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Life is sometimes unique and difficult to accept with common sense, but inevitably you have to live it. Many of the events in this world that you may not be able to guess but happen, one example is when you know that your ex-boyfriend invented with your best friend. Your reaction is diverse, of course, you are angry, disappointed, shocked, etc. Such a reaction is natural, but what right do you have for that? Because love can not be forced, and he has become your ex is not it ?. Well you should react when knowing the former invite your best friend is:


You should be happy, because your best friend is not single anymore, and you can get the best boyfriend, because your ex is not the best for you. Blessed be in such condition, love is safe to both, and do not even stay away. Because after all your ex is not your girlfriend anymore, that's what you have to plant in the soul.

Cuek Only

When friends with your ex-girlfriend invented, you should just ignore it, because it's none of your business, and it's their personal affairs respectively. The best thing to do is to continue living as well as possible, and do not take care of the interests of others.

Move On Dong

If you are still angry and disappointed when you know the former girlfriend invented the same friend means you can not move on. Today gini still think former? What is the word of the world? Hehehe. Try chest to accept reality, and try to support your friend and ex. Immediately get up from your ex, look for the best for you. There are still many out there who want to be your girlfriend really.

Show That You Have Never Knew It Again

Even though your heart is crushed, you should not show it when you are among them. Try as much as possible to cover your feelings, keep them cheerful and mingle with them. Rest assured there is a time for you to show them that you can get a boyfriend.

That's how to address when knowing ex-boyfriend invented the same best friend. Hopefully there are benefits that you can take, do not like people who do not sell bro, there are many who want to be your boyfriend hehehe.

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