How To Safely Overcome Obesity In Children

How To Safely

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The rate of obesity in children in Indonesia recorded 2x higher in the appeal of malnourished children. This majority is due to the errors of parental care. Many parents who have assumptions since the child is still growing more obese children more funny. Stepping on a child grows up another mistake often associated with eating habits.

Increased economic growth also affect the lifestyle. Consumption patterns tend to be unbalanced. Many consume carbohydrates, fatty foods and foods rich in sugar. The narrow game playground, television, internet and gadged makes children reluctant to exercise this too which results in children becoming obese.

The average fat child is experienced by a child whose parents are busy and the child eats lots of instant and sweet food. Parents' anxiety with obese children resulted in parents doing various ways for their children to grow ideal. The wrong way can make children become stressed.

Here's a safe way to cope with obesity (childhood obesity):

Familiarize children before leaving for school for breakfast and bring lunch to eat at school. This is to avoid a child's snack at school and have enough energy because children feel full. In addition, by bringing the child's nutritional stock can be controlled.
Change the child's diet such as reducing the consumption of high-fat foods, fast food types, a variety of light snacks, sugar-rich drinks, various sweet snacks. Slowly change your diet like eating lots of vegetables, eating lean meats and changing snacks with fresh fruit.
Reduce food processing by frying. To prevent the occurrence of consuming excess fat. The best way is to process food in a way boiled, roasted or steamed.
Set eating habits like children are usually fun to eat in the tv room or playroom. This habit should be changed by giving rules to eat at the dinner table. this is to reduce the portion of food in children.
Pay attention to children's activities such as limiting the time the child is still for too long. We recommend that children are invited to move when the activity. If the child moves the fat deposits will burn and can reduce obesity.

That is a safe way to overcome obesity in children. Truly fat children often get into trouble. As in bully friends and diseases that come on his body.

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