How To Safely Use Contact Lenses

How To Safely Use Contact Lenses

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Window of the world is the eye, because with the eyes then we can see the beauty of the world. For that reason, some people are less comfortable and not confident when having to use the eyelids. Some people choose contact lenses as an alternative to glasses. In addition will feel comfortable, will also cause self-confidence.

Indeed, wearing contact lenses will have a risk (if you ignore the rules of safe use). Risks I mean include bacteria, fungi, or other microbes. Therefore, in order to use contact lenses securely, then you must follow the life rules.

According to experts, the use of contact lenses for medical purposes will be safe as long as the user abides by the rules of use correctly. Here are some things to note contact lens users:

Before deciding to wear contact lenses should consult first with an ophthalmologist. This is important because each indication has certain conditions. For example, not all minus eyes are advised to use contact lenses. Only high minuses are recommended using it.

Before using or removing the contact lens should wash the hands first to clean to avoid infection, because the hand is a source of bacteria.

Do not forget to use eye lubricant three to four times daily to avoid dry eye (dry eye). What to know when using the eye contact lens can not lubricate the cornea when blinking because it is blocked by contact lenses, so the eyes dry. Dry eyes make the cornea becomes This is characterized by the appearance of clinical symptoms such as blurred vision, sore eyes, hot, red, until watery. But not to cause the retinal nerve to break. Usually retinal nerve breaks due to hit or hit.

Indonesia is a tropical country, so it should be the use of contact lenses still wear glasses when going out of the house, so as not exposed to dust. That way the contact lens will not get dirty quickly.

That's the safest way to wear contact lenses. Hopefully there are benefits that you can take from the short article.

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