How To Sit Right And Healthy For Women

How To Sit Right And Healthy For Women

Image source: – It seems trivial ladies, but sitting a lot affect your life especially on the aspect of health.

One sitting position can cause the body to become sick all, or also the back pain. And if you get used to sitting in a bent position, the body also so unruly and posture changes.

In order not to get any position again, here are some ways to sit right and healthy for women.

Do not be too upright

Usually indeed parents give advice to sit upright, when in fact the proper way of sitting and right is half lean and not too upright.

When you do not lean, then your body will be in a rigid position and cause stress on the spine. Research conducted at Woodend Hospital, as quoted from livestrong, the right sitting should form a 135 degree angle and the foot in tread on the floor.

Relaxing position is also suitable kok to work behind the desk, so the body is not easily tired and you are not easily stressed.

Do not sit too long

Sitting too long for hours will cause the body's blood circulation to become substandard. Even fat eventually accumulates in some parts, especially on the abdomen and waist.

Sitting position also causes breathing so less relief, so you are advised to relax the muscles and streets every 15 minutes or 30 minutes.

Choose the best seatsDo not just sit in an existing chair, indeed to work long behind the office desk you should choose a chair that is comfortable and good design for the body.

Consider choosing a not too soft but also not too hard because your body can experience trauma.

Set the height of the chair

You should indeed choose a chair that can be set height. Do not choose a chair that turns out to make your legs hang or a body position that is too bent.

Do not lull

When sitting better follow the 135 degree angle, do not lean too much or laze because it will make the backbone so uncomfortable and the body so inflexible. You will also eventually feel the back and neck pain when working in a lean position.

Wear armrest chairs

If you notice, there are chair handles on both sides. Apparently this armrest is not made solely for decoration, but indeed to rest your arm muscles so as not too tired and stiff.

Do not raise your legs

It feels good to work by lifting both legs and cross-legged on it. Or when one leg is lifted and sits cross-legged. But it turns out to sit in this way is very dangerous, because it can cause blood circulation so not smooth.

Make sure you always take the active move when not sitting to help burn calories and blood circulation in the body.(vem / bee)

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