How to Speed Up Internet Connection Modem Capital Used Cans

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Used drink cans are already familiar to us. Almost every day we can see used drink cans, ranging from in the trash at the store, minimarket, supermarket, and so forth. Have you ever thought that wanting to make a used beverage can be useful?

For that I want to share tutorials using used beverage cans to speed up internet connection modem. In addition to easy, of course cheap and useful. Let's see more.

Surely you've ever experienced a slow modem internet connection? Definitely often. I want to give a tutorial how to speed up modem internet connection using used drink cans. The way is quite easy plus tools and materials are easy to get. This technique I have tried and the results are satisfactory.


Small scissors


Used cans. Try the size is rather large but not long shape.

Creation Steps

Prepare the tools and materials above. Before use, wash the used beverage cans in order not to stink. I suggest you use a small pair of scissors, because to avoid the hassle of cutting cans.
Draw a pattern on the tin using a marker, then cut using a small pair of scissors. In order for the tin to not hurt the hand when used, bend each side of the tin inward so that the sides are smoother. The result will be like this:
Next make two pieces using the cutter as a modem entrance hole.
The result will be like this.
Trim the cans by bending the unkempt parts into the tin. It also works so that the cans do not hurt you and also so that the modem is not scratched by a sharp can. The result is like this:
So deh!

In addition to the easy way, the material is also easy to obtain. If you do this tutorial, then you take part in care for the environment for clean Indonesia. For usage you can see here:

More results:My suggestion, you should use a larger cans than the above cans. Why? So that the connection increases faster. Now your internet connection is still slow or has increased faster? Remember guys, love our environment for a cleaner Indonesia. Good luck!!

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