How to Stop Smoking with Smartphone Help

How to Stop Smoking with Smartphone Help

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Smoking can cause death. Not just causing harm to yourself, smoking also harms the health of others. Are you a smoker and want to quit smoking? Surely you find it difficult to quit smoking, especially if it has long been active smoking.

Quitting smoking really depends on your intentions. But it will be easier if anyone helps right? The help does not have to be friend kok, but can also be assisted by smartphone.

Who is the smartphone just for chatting, streaming YouTube or playing games? Smartphones can also help you quit smoking, by:

1. Install Application to Quit Smoking

If you want to stop smoking, do not just install chat applications or shopping online doang on your smartphone. Install also dong list of applications to help you stop smoking the following:

By using the application to quit smoking, guaranteed you more spirit to quit smoking. Because the applications will remind you of the dangers of smoking, the loss of money you spend to buy cigarettes, and others.

2. Quitbit, Smart Lighters To Help Stop Smoking

In addition to smartphone applications, the next way to quit smoking that you can try is to use Quitbit, smart matches to reduce smoking. By reducing the habit of smoking, the taste of cigarettes will feel foreign so spur the craving to quit smoking.

Quitbit will record your smoking habit by counting the number of times you have lit this smart match to burn a cigarette. So get caught how many times you smoke.

Not only that, Quitbit equipped Android and iOS app. This app will help you to set targets and make reminders that smoking is harmful to health.

That's how to stop smoking with the help of smartphones. So, ready to quit smoking with the help of a smartphone? As long as you do it with a strong intention and earnestly, you can definitely stop smoking. Let's try to stop smoking with the help of a smartphone on top for a healthier life!

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