How to Store Spices and Condiments In addition to Refrigerator

How to Store Spices and Condiments In addition to Refrigerator

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Be grateful to be Indonesian citizens in addition to having natural beauty also provides fertile soil and rich spices. Where the spices of many peminatnya both Indonesian society itself and abroad. Spices are widely used in the kitchen world one of them to make the cuisine to be delicious and delicious.

Cuisine and spices are two things that can not be separated because the dishes that use spices can arouse our appetite, besides spices are also useful in the world of health.

Spices will last long if they are appropriate, otherwise if less precise storage will quickly decompose. Here's how to make spices last longer:

Notice when buying. Better when buying spices that are still in a state of intact and fresh. Store in a dry container, away from humid places.
Buy a spice on a small scale, if forced to buy in large quantities for various reasons and fear quickly wilt store in the refrigerator.
Avoid buying spices in a pureed state, as they last only a few days and taste slightly less. This is because the seller reduces from certain types of spices if the spices experience price spikes.
The spices that have a high taste are fresh spices that are pureed themselves at home. if you feel the hassle, you should smooth the spice in your spare time then put it in an airtight container and store it in the freezer.
Provide a little pot or land to remove the spices purchased in a state of lot and intact. This is a way of saving naturally and a little financial savings because every one of us wants to take us to live on the land or pot. The spices that are dumped on the ground will grow which can be a beautiful garden.

That is how to keep the kitchen spices in order to stay durable. May be useful.

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