How To Take Care Of Eyes To Stay Healthy And Beautiful

How To Take Care Of Eyes To Stay Healthy And Beautiful

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The eye is one of the vital organs which is very useful for human life. Without eyes we can not enjoy the beauty of the world that has been created by God Almighty. Therefore we are obliged to keep what God has given us properly. Moreover, keeping the eyes is very important, because the eye is needed to help our lives do all the daily activities. But sometimes people often neglect the health of his limbs, especially the eyes, sometimes people do not care about eye health so the eyes have health problems and sometimes there is a blindness to ignore the health of his eyes. Therefore now I will give some tips to treat eye to stay healthy and beautiful. Here are tips:

Use a protector

When we go out or travel there must be a lot of dust or smoke of vehicles that can cause the vehicle disturbed or can cause irritation. Therefore we should use a helmet or glasses to protect our eyes from dust or smoke so as not to disturb the eye. Especially in today's eyewear products are sophisticated, many circulating glasses that protect our eyes from UV rays. UV rays are harmful to the eye in the long run, let alone the thinning ozone layer resulting in greater UV rays. For that make it a habit to use glasses while traveling during the day.

Enough sleep

In today's people have begun to ignore the sleep. They are more at work than rest. Whereas sleep is very important to maintain eye health. The 7-8 hour sleep program has been neglected. Sleep less than 7 hours will result in decreased eye power. Eyes tired, not clear anymore and usually watery. Therefore any busy we try to rest the eyes so that our eyes remain in normal conditions.

Drink enough water

drink enough water every day. Drink at least 8 glasses per day, because it is good for eye health and keep the eyes clear. Very visible if people who lack fluid or drink less water white eyes are not clear anymore and usually start red.

Eat vegetables and fruit

Often often consume green vegetables and fruit. Jam as a source of vitamins, vegetables and fruits are also very good for the eyes. Because in the vegetables and fruits contain vitamin A and iron that we know good for eye health. So make it a habit to eat vegetables and fruits regularly to keep us healthy especially our eyes would be healthy.

Use eye cream

Using eye cream before bed is useful to reduce the risk of wrinkles in the eyes. Because eye cream keeps your skin moisturized. Use eye cream on the bottom of your eyes because that is where the skin usually wrinkles.Compress the eyes with strawberries and cucumbers

This step is very effective to keep our eyes healthy. Strowberi already refrigerated in the fridge then in the iris and placed on the eyelid about 15 minutes. It can help overcome tired eyes. Then for cucumber, cucumber round slices and place on the eyelid for about 15 minutes to restore freshness to the eyes.

Compress with cold towel

This step is very useful for treating red and itchy eyes. Instead of us rubbing the eyes during itching, it will actually make the cornea of ??the wound. Therefore, compressing with cold water can reduce itching slowly.

Rinse with cold water

Wash your eyes every day in the cold water. It is very helpful to moisturize and relax the eyes after a day of activity. But better after we do activities during the day, do not we immediately wash it with cold water because the condition of eye temperature should be noticed. If directly in the wash with cold water can cause sore eyes.

Compress with cold metal

For swollen eyes this can be the first step before you consult a doctor. Cool the metal (coins or spoons) in the freezer for a few minutes then paste on the swollen eye. Periodically so that nerves and eye muscles are not stiff.

See the green environment

After we do a job or too long working in front of the computer must be our eyes are exhausted. Spend a bit of your time to rest your eyes. Try going outdoors and seeing the foliage or going to the park. The green color on the leaves and free air will provide comfort and make your eyes relax.

Those are some tips from me to keep your eyes healthy and beautiful. May be useful.

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