How to Take Care of Fish in Aquarium In order not easy to die

How to Take Care of Fish in Aquarium In order not easy to die

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Having an aquarium with beautiful fish will make your eyes pampered. By looking at the ornamental fish then your mind will become a fres and stress will be slightly reduced. But sometimes due to lack of knowledge you tentag care of ornamental fish in the aquarium, will make the beautiful fish is dead.

How to care for fish in an aquarium so as not to die easily is actually easy, you just need to do some things below:

Place the fish by type, so as not to fight when one is made. Because the ornamental fish can also be aggressive (louhan, arowana, piranha, oscar), well you should separate the fish species above and do not mix with other fish. In addition to aggressive fish, there is also a non aggressive ica or fish that can be mixed with others (except with aggressive fish). Some types of fish that can be mixed in one aquarium, among others, chef fish, goldfish, platy fish, comet fish, etc. Actually there are still other types of fish that is territorial fish, the fish that have a region of power. Do not mix aggressive fish with territorial fish, as it will be harmful to your fish. It is okay to mix the territorial fish with non aggressive fish from your aquarium is big enough and there are lots of corals.

How to care for fish in the aquarium so as not to easily die next is to know the original habitat of the fish it originated. If ika's habitat is in heavy water, then a water-spraying filter should be placed in an unbound aquarium. But there are some types of fish that the original habitat is calm water, then give the springs of water on the filter so that the bursts do not disturb the fish.

The precision of light installation should also be fitted, because there are fish who like the bright light, but not a few also fish who prefer dark atmosphere.

In order for fish in the aquarium is not easy to die next is to give the right food according to the type of fish. Fish food is divided into 3 groups (carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores). You should know the food that fits and matches the fish you keep.

Replace water at least once a month if the size of the aquarium is small. But if you have a large size, then you can change the water two or three months. Water cleanliness in the aquarium can cause healthy and not easy to die.

Clean the filter at most once a week, because a dirty filter will inhibit the rate of water spray, but it also can make the dirt on the aquarium is not absorbed perfectly.

That's how to care for fish in the aquarium so as not to die easily, may be useful for you all. Good luck!!!

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