How To Take Care Of The True Baby Skin

How To Take Care Of The True Baby Skin

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Find a small baby suddenly reddish skin and slightly abrasions make the mother a little panicked because the little fuss. Redness and blisters usually occur around the cheek or often also in the groin because of diaper rash, this makes the baby uncomfortable. As the outermost organ of the body, the skin plays an important role in protecting what is in the body. Baby's skin is still very thin, even the thickness is not up to 1 millimeter but quite complex because all the nerve vessels in the skin.

Basically the baby's skin is still sensitive because the bonds between cells are still loose, making it more susceptible to infection and reactive to allergies. In the structure of the baby's skin has not developed and functioning optimally. The baby's outer skin is so thin that the substances that are attached or attached to the surface of the skin are easily absorbed. Though the skin surface endurance is not perfect, thus facilitating the occurrence of infection. Therefore, baby skin care should be done painstakingly. How to care for the true baby's skin is:

Bathe the little one twice a day, morning and afternoon for healthy and clean. A clean body will be spared from germs that may be attached to the skin. Should take a bath do not be too often use warm water because it can damage the skin layer. And when the bath is not too long.
Make sure the baby needs clean when in use such as clothing, towels, sepray, cosmetics or other things that touch directly with the skin of the baby. Use a safe soap for baby's skin while washing it.
Choose a special soap and shampoo for babies to avoid skin irritation. Choose a soap that has Ph 4.5-5. Rinse thoroughly so that no residual soap is attached to the skin. After a shower, dry your baby's body with a soft towel so that his skin is comfortable.
Should not use powder, especially in the groin area because if mixed with sweat, urine, or feces, this powder layer will clot and invite the proliferation of mushrooms in the diaper area.
When your little pee or defecate, clean the buttocks and around the genitals, as well as groin folds with running water. Do not just use wet wipes or washcloths. Dry with a soft towel.
Choose clothing from cotton, soft, not hairy, and comfortable. The size of the clothes should not be tight, but rather loose. Also do not select the thick ones. The material should be able to make the skin breathe so that the body's moisture awake. Thus the baby is not hot or sweaty so avoid the proliferation of germs or bacteria.

That's the baby's skin care to watch out for. May our baby always be healthy always.

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