How to Try BBM Video Call for Android in Indonesia

How to Try BBM Video Call for Android in Indonesia

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As a chat application, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is one of the most complete chat application. From the function of sending text messages, voice messages, phone calls, sticker chat, even micro blogging on BBM Channel.

With the service is fairly complete, BBM does not necessarily complacent. The BlackBerry is still continuing to update to improve and bring new features in BBM, one of which is Video Call service in BBM. Well, you want to know how to try Video Call in BBM.

BBM Video Call For Android

Previously, BBM Video Call service is available for BlackBerry devices 10. Do not want to be missed by LINE and Skype, BBM began to roll out the Video Call service BBM for Android users. But now the new BBM Video Call service can be used in Canada and the United States alone. But Jaka there loh way let me try BBM Video Call in Indonesia.

How to Try BBM Video Call in Indonesia

Nothing is perfect in technology. Restricted how ever there is always a way to penetrate it. Includes BBM Video Call this. Well, how do I try BBM Video Call in Indonesia? Easy really.

Previously you have to download BBM Beta with Video Call and VPN Master application to try BBM Video Call on Android. Download these two applications the following links.

Once downloaded, install as usual. If the BBM application is already installed, you can directly overwrite it with the previous BBM Beta.

Force Stop BBM application via the Settings – Application menu. This is the purpose for the fuel does not run until the next stage.

Open the Master VPN app, then leave it up to connect to the default (Singapore) server. Once connected, please replace the server to Canada or the United States.

Once connected with a Canadian or US server, add BBM to the list of apps in the Master VPN.Open BBM from VPN Master for detected IPs from Canada or the United States. This only takes the first stage only, then you can open directly from anywhere as long as the active Master VPN.

Done. Next you can directly try BBM Video Call deh.

Please note, BBM Video Call can only be done if both use the same version of BBM. And if you are not connected to the VPN service, you can only use Voice Call BBM service only.

Easy way to use BBM Video Call for Android this? Let's try it!

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