How to use rain water for plants in the garden

How to use rain water for plants in the garden

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Some people do not like rainwater that makes it wet, muddy, or gives a sense of cold. But it turns out the water from the sky can be used for plants in the garden. Nevertheless, there are some tips that you should consider about the utilization of rain water for plants. Let's see more as quoted from Boldsky (30/07) below!

Save the rain water
The rain does not come every day, so you should keep the water from the sky well. Prepare a large tank that if enough to accommodate rain water and used to water the plants. Thus, you can be more efficient because it reduces the cost of electricity or water PDAM.

Natural sprinklers
It's good if you use a natural sprinkler with a small hole. Watering with such a 'drizzle' method is better than giving plenty of water at once to the plant. This is a suggestion for you who have a garden in the house. Then to the garden outside the house …

Protecting plants
Rain drizzle is safe for plants, then what about heavy rain? If you have a garden outside the room, you should immediately protect the plant. But you can still make rain water watering plants more regularly. Thus, you will use the rain water without having to damage the plants.

Things to note
Water on the first day of the rainy season is not good for plants. Because rain water is dirty due to pollution carried in the atmosphere. So, plants can be affected by the dirty rain water.

Did you know that two-thirds of the water on this earth tastes salty? So make good use of rainwater well to take care of your favorite crops in the garden! [riz]

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