How to View WiFi Password on Computer Through Control Panel

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Maybe you've experienced when again nebeng WiFi your friend, but the password is not given to know. Your friend instantly entered the password to your computer or laptop without your knowledge. Well! Even though your computer is already connected to the WiFi network, you must still have a little curiosity with its password right?

With WiFi passwords, Jaka has a way of seeing WiFi passwords that have been connected before. Yes, this time Jaka will tell you how to view WiFi password on Computer via Control Panel. Can it be? Of course, I can. Check out the following reviews of Jaka!

WiFi password is the key for you to access WiFi network, whether it's in public place like in campus, restaurant, or in private place, one of them at your friend's house. If you're at a restaurant or college, maybe you can still ask the officer in the neighborhood about the WiFi password there.

But, it's different when you're at your friend's house. Usually your friends still allow you to use their WiFi network, but they are the ones who enter the password into your laptop. Make me curious right? Well, but you can check the password through Control Panel. Here's how.

First open Control Panel, how to click on Start logo, then select Control Panel.

Next you will be taken to the Control Panel menu, there will be many options, please click Network and Internet.

Later will appear again several options, please select Network and Sharing Center.

Click on Manage wireless networks.

There you can see a list of all WiFi networks that have been connected to your computer.

Double click on one of the WiFi networks you want (here Jaka uses a network called FERRARI SCHOOL), then a new tab will appear as below.

Click on the Security tab, then check the Show characters box and automatically the WiFi password will be visible.Well, that's how to see WiFi password through Control Panel of this Jaka? What do you think? Easy and practical right? If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to let me know through the comment box below yes and do not forget to share!

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