How we are about the environment

How we are about the environmentA friend, as he jogged by the small river near his home, caught a friend of his ustadz who was throwing a basket of garbage into the river. He jokes (roughly like this), Ustadz, tajri min tahtihal anhar. Is it going to be a clean river or a lot of rubbish in heaven? It turns out the ustadz is angry. Sorry, I did not write what kind of anger.

This brief event we understand as a picture that there is no relation between knowledge (science) with behavior. Of course this statement can not be beat flat for the entire population of Indonesia. In the case above, an ustadz who has knowledge that Islam has a concept of environmental concern, was not applied in everyday life. Presumably, theory is only to be known (cognitive aspect) only, it has nothing to do with affective and psychomotoric.

I also found several times, that there is a nice car that passengers throw food junk on the street with arbitrarily. I feel hurt at that time, it turns out that the rich people (sorry, not all) also do not have concern for the environment. It may be that the rich have better levels of education, but also not in harmony with their behavior.

In another case, in the rice fields in my village also a lot of plastic waste carried by irrigation channels. Really different from my childhood. At that time I loved playing in the fields after school. I am looking for clay soil to make any object as a manifestation of creativity, without any disgust. But now, I imagine the disgust to enter the fields because there is so much garbage there.

Not to mention the big or small industries, which throw their waste into the river at will, regardless of the rules. It is as if they do not feel the need to obey the rules. The rule is straddled with selfishness and pride. As if government officials could be bought and arranged at will.

The exhaust gases removed from the factory chimneys and motor vehicle exhaust enriched our airborne toxins. It is not industry and motor vehicles that must be self-regulating in order not to dispose of toxic gases, but humans must adapt to dirty and toxic air. More importantly which, human or industrial and motor vehicle?

The law to regulate it already exists and has been enforced. But in practice still weak. The government can not be firm. We are quite satisfied with having a law on the environment to be exhibited to the world. Indonesians may live unhealthily, provided economic interests remain smooth. Sorry, somewhat cynical and pessimistic.

This is all part of the rape case against the growing environment. May we take simple conclusions from these cases, that our society's behavior is not concerned with the environment. If so, how can we possibly educate our children at home to care for the environment?

Parents are happy if their children care about the environment. But is that possible if they do not get a true example at home? Presumably the parents surrender fully (surrender bongkokan) to the school to be properly educated, while the parents do not balance it in harmony. The school curriculum, in particular, has not provided a menu of lessons on the environment, but is still a small discussion that sticks to other subjects.

If this is allowed to continue, what will happen to our environment in the future? When will our country be a clean, beautiful and healthy country? Of course depends on us all, especially the political will of the government firmly. Nature.

Ngudi Tjahjono, Malang (July 22, 2016)

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