Humans as Main Actors for Natural Change

Humans as Main Actors for Natural ChangeHuman Action in Treating Nature Discussion Have we ever contemplated our current existence? We as humans live on Earth from birth, small, growing up, until we die. When we reflect on the magnitude of the life that is derived from the earth, we will always feel that the enormity of human debt to the Earth. But it does not seem to be a reflection for us, but instead humans simply follow their ego that only thinks of nature as a ready-made object, and can only be exploited at any time without contributing that may continue to maintain the stability of nature in order to survive on this earth. Ecological problems should be given serious attention as the damage to them has reached such an alarming level. From year to year, the damage and violence to ecology rather than decline, is increasing dramatically. Fires, deforestation, mining and chemical plants, water pollution, air pollution, and many others, may be a common phenomenon in Indonesia.

Human acts against an almost uncontrollable nature that is the main trigger against natural events in this part of the world that ultimately also threaten the survival of nature and humans themselves, for example the greater the occurrence of natural disasters such as landslides floods, drought, which occurred in various regions in Indonesia, which often claimed enough casualties. This problem continues to be a big problem in this world including in Indonesia. If asked the factor of all this answer can vary;

First, human understanding of nature and the environment is wrong. The presumption that nature and its contents are created for man, and man as the center of creation is almost supported by various religions in the world with its variants. For example, anthropocentrism (the notion that considers man as the center and the culmination of all creation, this understanding is in use as a theological legitimation of the delegation of authority from God to man to subdue and exploit nature arbitrarily in order to meet the needs of his life.

Second, the negative behavior of humans who have a tendency to exploit nature and its contents for its own sake by using the media of science and technology without regard to the rights of nature. in man there is a tendency and desire to rule and dominate (will to power), not only against fellow human beings, but also to nature. Environmental issues are essentially moral issues so that the handling must also involve first, a paradigm shift to nature and the environment, then take affirmative action to develop a friendly attitude and do good to nature

The above question also can be based on human 'economic' and 'interest' conditions. The possibility that some people will answer is that because of the increasingly life-threatening economic pressures, the options taken are for example to use nature by doing illegal logging to make money, and often burning forests to clear agricultural land such as gardening, to still be able to produce food, to survive. And the second answer is because of the importance of this, the authors are more to the use of technology such as the construction of factories in the middle of densely populated settlements that may pollute that can ultimately threaten health, as well as environmental pollution such as waste from excessive factories, because only want to make a profit his company, although very threatening the lives of living things. Paradigm, Anthropocentrism

In the environment, the priority of human intervention to the ecosystem order. Keep in mind that the environment is a system that is unity, space with all objects, power, state, living things including humans and their behavior that determines the life and welfare of humans and other living creatures.

Humans in nature state that for human nature is a "finished goods" that only live accepted by humans as finished goods, nature is nature that is arranged as a creation khalik. Seen from a position in nature, man is the position plagued in the system of discipline. That means, the divine nature, is the arena for man to exist, to realize his existence. Human ingenuity in such a sense carries consequences even if it has the freedom to create life, in creating human life is required to respect the sake of nature. But by relying on this view which is more to the anthropocentric understanding, it is membent

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