Hunters hunted, wild boar

Hunters hunted, wild boar

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Pepen (50) and Nenah (47) two residents of Wangunjaya Village, Leuwisadeng District, Bogor Regency were forced to undergo intensive treatment at RSUD Kota Bogor after being attacked by a number of wild boars or pigs entering the village. The boars go to the village because hunted by poachers from Jakarta.

Leuwiliang police chief, Kompol Uba Subandi said the wild boar that attacked the couple is avoiding the siege of a group of pig hunters. Pigs who fled toward the village, then attacked Pepen and Nemah because they felt threatened.

"So the pigs go into the village to avoid the hunters, there are hunting wild boar, but the hunting using dogs, so that pigs into the village, and attack the victim," said Kompol Uba when confirmed, Monday (3/8)

Kompol Uba said, a group of hunters are from Jakarta. However, until now, it does not have data related names who the people in the group of wild boar hunters.

"The hunters are not from the kampung here, it comes from Jakarta They do not have the hunting license," he said.

As a result of the incident, there are at least 9 bite wounds experienced by Pepen due to the wild boar attack. The worst injury, there is in the head and chest. Other wounds, found in legs, calves, thighs, left chest, under the right armpits and the back of Pepen's head. While Nenah, treated in a different room with her husband. He was treated intensively in Dahlia Hospital Bogor City Hospital with a wound in his hand. Nenah veins almost broke out due to the bite of a boar.

Adong, relatives of the victims had told how Pepen was attacked by wild boar that suddenly came and rampaged it. At that time, said Adong, the victim of Pepen is actually being on the river to defecate. "Pas nanjak from the river, suddenly on top there is a pig and immediately attacked," said Adong.

"The pig ran from the forest," he added. The pig that came suddenly, directly attacked Pepen repeatedly. "First his leg was attacked, bitten, and kept withdrawn until Pepen fell down, and Pepen fell down, was bitten by ladi, pulled back again, it was Mah Kang Pepen rolled with pigs," Adong said when met at RSUD Kota Bogor on Monday (3/8).

Residents who know the incident, went directly to the location and chased and chased the boar that attacked Pepen and his wife. People who are angry and considered dangerous then kill the pig. "The victim was taken to the hospitals leuwiliang, but then referred back to RS Karya Bhakti (RSUD Kota Bogor)," he said.

Meanwhile, Head of Public Relations RSUD Kota Bogor, Okto said, couples victim of wild boar attack until now is still in intensive treatment at RSUD Kota Bogor. "The victim is still in handling, still in the observation room, still waiting for the recovery because it has just been operated overnight," he said when confirmed by reporters.

Related to this incident, Leuwiliang Police Office is still conducting an investigation and examining a number of witnesses. "Because this pig attack is causing the consequences, all the medical expenses of both victims are borne by the pig hunters," said Uba Subandi. [hhw]

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