Hunting for Clean Water in Dusk Situation

Hunting for Clean Water in Dusk SituationThis year's drought may be a bit heavier than before. Temperatures and higher levels of drought, forcing residents to do more activities to get clean water. No exception in the cool green city like Cimahi.

Right along Jl. Kerkof Leuwigajah, looks the activity of residents who are still boisterous until midnight. They are generally citizens aged over 50 years are queuing clean water. Please visit them and interview, while their activities are still ongoing.

Whereas from the news revealed by Pikiran Rakyat, "PDAM Kabupaten Bandung get help from central government to build drinking water supply system (SPAM) Gambung with big capacity up to 400 liters / sec.", Layman of course, it should, the need for clean water in the community. But the opposite fact.

Is it possible that the effect has not arrived yet? Not intended to corner, but maybe April 4, 2017 (since the news was revealed) until this writing down, clean water problem in Cimahi area can not be handled?

Residents in Kerkof admitted that PDAM water supply came every two days. "Today it flows, tomorrow is not going to run again tomorrow the day after tomorrow night," said Nanin, 63, a resident of Gg. H. Dahlan Affandi, Jl. Kerkof. From the oaths to finally surrender, the residents finally gave up with circumstances that somehow will last.

Extra efforts in the age that is also extra, the citizens do sincerely. Because they reveal, things like this have happened since ancient times. There are people who have been doing this since their bachelors until now have grandchildren. There's even Mr. Hassan, 91-year-old old grandfather Kebon Awi, push the water cart in broad daylight. This is because the water supply in the PDAM is empty.

Then why not swadaya just make a well drill? According to them, the water excavations there are quite expensive. That's because the area they live 'seebut' clean water resources with factories that stand there.

So if they have to dig a well, they have to spend up to Rp 15 million, because the excavation must be very deep. If only dig up to 10 meters, there is no water that appears. At least 30-40 feet deep. That's what makes the cost of making a well.

The only hope of the citizens is hopefully more optimal PDAM service. Some residents who surrender, generally choose 'hijrah' sell their homes or contracted, so they can escape from the suffering of clean water.

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