Hurricane Sandy Lohns New York City

Hurricane Sandy Lohns New York CityNew York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Tuesday that Hurricane Sandy has killed at least 10 people, leaving hundreds of thousands without power and crippling the city's transportation system.

The mayor also said he suspects the death toll could rise, as quoted by the China News Agency, Xinhua reported. Public schools in New York City remain closed on Wednesday, and 76 shelters in the city will also remain open. Meanwhile, Consolidated Edison said more than 500,000 customers did not get power supplies in all five areas, until around 7:45 pm Tuesday (30/10).

A total of 231,756 subscribers in Manhattan are estimated to have no electricity, and 74,423 customers have no electricity in Brooklyn, 86,206 customers in Queens, 82,905 customers on Staten Island and no less than 42,518 customers in the Bronx.

"This will be the one that put in the record books," said John Miksad, Senior Vice President of Electric Operations Con Ed. "This will be the biggest blackout associated with the storms in our history."

Mayor Bloomberg said a list of supporters at New York University's Langone Medical Center had been extinguished but 215 patients could be moved to nearby installations. Local media reported the most severe damage caused by the storm occurred in low-lying areas in the city and surrounding areas.

Water has been seen across subway lines in Lower Manhattan, but the MTA crew said they would wait until the big waves and flood waters subsided on Tuesday (30/10) before they could pump water. (Ant / ARI)

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