Hurt Love But Unable to Hate

Hurt Love But Unable to Hate

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I was a woman who was being drunk by first love. Love that comes suddenly for no reason, without any question. Hidden love without wishing to be revealed.

You accompany me in every dream in my sleep. You make me smile by myself when you remember. Until finally you express love to me.

I never thought if it turns out my love is reciprocated. A smile of happiness adorns my face day by day. You bring something foreign in my deepest heart. Until finally you destroy it for no reason.

Destroy every happy twinkle in my eyes. It smiles and laughs at me as I remember you. And you replace it with tears that are continuously spilled. Tears are disappointed without being able to hate you. The word sorry from you even more heart-wrenching. Because your forgiveness means your acknowledgment of your betrayal.

Your apology, your silence, without the explanation of a knife that slashed my heart slowly. This is what I fear from love. I'm afraid to be disappointed I'm afraid of being betrayed I'm afraid of being left behind. Until now the feeling is still the same. No matter how hard I try to take you out of my memory and heart.

You even go deeper into my heart. I know you are very sorry but I have been hurt. I forgive you and never hate you. But I can not run anything now with you. I do not expect you to fight me. I also do not want you to rely on me big hope. I want we just hope to God. Expect the best for each of us in the future.

I want you to open your heart to every woman in the world. If your happy is not with me look for your happiness. I sincerely pray for you here as sincerely as my heart. I have never regretted what I felt. If we were meant to be together. Let God unite us in the future.

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