HUT RI-70, Kelapa Gading Timur for clean environment contest

HUT RI-70, Kelapa

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Welcome the 70th Anniversary of Independence (HUT) of Indonesia, Kelapa Gading Timur Kelurahan, North Jakarta, will hold clean environment contest and healthy house. The goal, so that the public welcomed HUT RI with enthusiasm.

"In order for the spirit to welcome the 70th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, not only the crack feeding competition or the like, but in the place we will also hold a clean environment competition and healthy house," said Kelapa Gading Timur urban village Tulus Harjo, Friday (7 / 8).

According to Tulus, the competition which was held and conducted by the assessment from August 15th until August 20th also fulfilled the desire of Jakarta Deputy Governor Djarot Saiful Hidayat.

"This competition also at once responded to Mr. Djarot's wish that the environment in every area should be maintained in terms of hygiene, so far from the reach of the disease, he wants every region to do activities that reflect the concern for the surrounding environment," he said.

For the race itself, Tulus has been written to each RW Kelapa Gading Timur to inform the residents of the clean and healthy house race. He hopes many citizens who participated in the race.

"As for the race assessment team, we will be assisted by the Head of Section of Government and Head of Section of PPSU Kelurahan," he said.

He continued, for the assessment itself, it pocketed the assessment criteria for healthy environment in between, hygiene, greening, environmental compatibility, canteens painting and installation of banners or decorations of the anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia. While the assessment for healthy homes include clean yards, good air circulation or not.

"For the prize winner in the race there must be, but until now we are still negotiating, but we will definitely give the award for the winner of the contest," he concluded. [eco]

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