I Am A Person With Nightingale Syndrome

I Am A Person With Nightingale Syndrome

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At first I was confused with myself. I felt I was too empathized with this one where I put my happiness on myself. Really! all I care about is her and her happiness, I am willing to help her, to help her, to wade the ocean for her. Seeing him smiling and happy is really happiness for me. But just by hearing let alone seeing him sad, a lot of thoughts and pain it's like I can not explain but that I myself too so difficult to sleep. I do not know if out there is someone the same as me experiencing the condition where we love someone so deep .. very deep..until we just want him happy even we forget to happy ourselves. Believe me this is not just in movies alone, but I myself am a real person who experienced this. You might think I'm stupid, I'm crazy, I'm losing my mind, not using logic. Yes! you are right everything you will say will be more or less like above and it is true. But you guys will never know what it's like to be someone with this NIGHTINGALE SYNDROME. Well, I'll explain first what is NIGHTINGALE SYNDROME

Nightingale syndrome itself is a time when a nurse entered in a romantic atmosphere while caring for a patient he was handling, or arguably, the nurse fell in love with the patient. So the nurse becomes very attentive to the patient more than any other patient. Usually, this effect fades on its own since the recovery of the patient

In fact, Florence Nightingale Effect violates medical ethics where nurses should not have a special relationship with a patient, so it can cause the nurse to be fired. This syndrome itself is also not a condition of medical abnormality, but rather a "culture" given in a situation.

Worth noting, I'm not a nurse but I'm in the medical world. In my other article I have explained how I know him, a figure that makes me feel this Nightingale Syndrome. Maybe you're wondering what it's like to experience Nightingale Syndrome? or how the hell are people with Nightingale Syndrome?

I never feel burdened with what I do

I feel happy every time I give the best and that he needs

I feel happy to see him calm, smiling, and laughing

I want to accompany and keep him as strong as I can not reply to this feeling, but I am happy as long as he is there

Even if he finds another figure, I'm sure I can still smile because he finds happy though there must be a little pain in my heart

But, that does not mean I am willing to do everything to violate the norms and values ??of religion yes. I do the best I can within the limits of religious norms and values. I did experience Nightingale Syndrome but that does not mean I do not expect him not to reply to my feelings. I hope! Hoping very much! But feelings can not be forced is not it? Even if I can not reciprocate, I will not insist because I put my happiness above my happiness. Sometimes I confuse what kind of feeling this is. I myself do not understand how I feel this and for the first time I feel like he is a precious figure to me. So, is there any of you who also feel Nightingale Syndrome? Maybe we need to be a little proud, many people think that people are sincere and people who do not expect a reply is not there, but we people with Nightingale Syndrome is that person. Hopefully, we are always guided and protected by God so that our condition is not utilized by others. To your beloved 763km away, I love you. No matter you do not have the same feelings as me, I'll do what you want me to do is accept someone else that I have no taste at all against him. Know, if I marry him someday, it's because I want to please you and grant your wishes. Thank you for this feeling. From your Nightingale.

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