I Can not Live the Fate of Life from the Almighty

I Can not Live the Fate of Life from the Almighty

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Born as a man with so much arrogance and self-conceit, I feel that life can always be in control. But in reality, I live only as a man who undergoes all of his destiny.

Really I'm so proud, so smug. With this self that feels created so perfectly, with all that there is enough to conquer the world, makes me forget that this self actually goes according to the desire of the Almighty, King of kings, the owner of mankind.

Of all the layers of the world, which is even possible until now I myself do not know whether this world only belongs to man or there is another world inhabited by a creature similar to humans or it is different from the same title.

That is a picture of most of my nature that dominates the journey of life that I have been living for so long. Until in the end I was always met with so many experiences that taught me that everything that happened and the life I was living was part of His power, not on my own.

The experience that most made me so conscious of His power was the moment of an event that kept me at a point between life and continued life in a world that is different from what humans have been living. That is, I am in a state that even I can not describe. Because the condition of the coma that I live to make me unconscious for days and months.

Only those who are near me are finally telling the real story that I have actually come back to life. But for me at that time I was just wandering a dream so short. The dream that makes me see myself is experiencing a separation between the body and the spirit that has been attached to my life support as a human being. But in the end there is a figure that makes my body and soul re-united. And at that moment I was awakened from a short dream. But in fact I woke up from a really long coma, which made the people around me no longer have a life expectancy for me.

From that, I realized that I was just running the role of the Maha Dalang. Everything goes according to what He likes and desires. No matter what He wants, good and bad is part of His will. Because I realize, good and bad is just a matter of my logic assessment. But what he has always wanted is always good, never a bad one.

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