I Know Indonesia Is Beautiful. Honey, I have not had time to enjoy it

I Know Indonesia Is Beautiful. Honey, I have not had time to enjoy it

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Already Kesekian Kali Kami We See Many That say "Do not be home aja, Indonesia is Beautiful Lho", "Hey, Dapet Greetings Of Beautiful Natural Indonesia", and Many Others Others,

Want Once Again Feel The Beautiful Traveling To The Corner Indonesia, Enjoying The Cultural Diversity, Enjoying The Beautiful Creation Of ALLAH SWT On Earth Indonesia, Maybe The Somewhat Often Beach That We Visit Again and Again Beach.

1. Maybe it's true that Indonesia Earth is Beautiful

Target Case and Achievement Always Became Reason For Not Finding Beautiful Indonesia, Maybe If Just Mentari Morning We Often Come Behind The Tall Buildings Of Existing Office, And Occasionally Maybe We Meet In The Village When We Go Home, But Is It Same By Seeing Mentari An Elegant Morning Beautiful Nan That Appears and The Other Side Of The Mountain That Increases The Beautiful Impression With All The Efforts And Ways To Get In A Really Beautiful Place, With Other Friends To Wait For It To Rise.

Envy? Yeah, Why Not Try It Yourself ?,

When? With whom?

When We Can Leave Longer If Not Fit Lebaran, Will I Want a Lebaran on a Mountain or a Beautiful Beach?

Maybe Can Take Long Time, But What Friends Can Invite To Join, Again "Must Make a Schedule With Friends To Be Going Together To Enjoy The Beautiful Indonesia.

2. Sometimes Wonder With Friends Who Can Leave Up Weekly Just For Traveling

How could that be? How to Permit? The reason?

Sometimes Wonder With Other Friends Who Can Leave As You Alone, Not Always For Traveling, Usually Also They Touring With His Loving Motor,Want To Feel For Enjoying The Full Street Of The Vehicle.

I do not know how long it took so long to skate the beach because of this draining, energy, and brain routine. Is There Any Time To Repay Everything, To Enjoy Nature Indonesia?

3. Banggalah Who Still Became Student

Maybe I'm Not Enough of You Students Who Can Join Mapala Or Such, Who Can Hike A Mountain With Friends Of The Week And Sharing Asa On A Journey Full Of Struggle.

So Enjoy Your Time Being A Student Who Can Go Without In Pelototi By The Boss, Maybe It's Just a Chase That Chases You and Far heheheh ..: D

4. O Student of Forestry

Perhaps the Most Satisfied Enjoying Indonesia Students Faculty of Forestry, They Are Going Through Indonesia's Forests, That May Most Students Do Not Know, Most Students Just Followed and Affected After Effects From 5 Cm Movies, For Forestry Students They Really Know Beautiful Indonesia Nature, Forest In Indonesia By A Piece Of Science That Is Given By Nature For Those Learn,

For You Students Forestry Our Greetings Also For Indonesia's Rich Forests of Flora and Fauna.

5. From Us Who Can not Enjoy Indonesia Instantly We Titip Salam Buat Alam Indonesia

Hey Kalian Mbak and Mas Yang Like Ride Mountain, Traveling To The Beach, To The Beautiful Nature Of Indonesia, We Are Trapped With Routines and Busyness Ala Kantoran, and Who Only See The Boss Who Can Only Angry, The Boss Who Never Knew Beautiful Indonesia's nature,

So With This Let Us Declare Greetings To The Beautiful Indonesia Of The World, And Keep Them For Us And The Children Of Indonesia Lai To Be Enjoying The Beautiful Indonesia Is Not Just From Your Photos There.

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