I Please, True to Faithfulness. Do not Constantly You Open Your Heart to Others

I Please, True to Faithfulness. Do not Constantly You Open Your Heart to Others

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How are you owners of the rainbow in two pairs of eyeballs? Has he now seen the same thing? What if my longing is still the same? What if my race is still what it used to be? But never mind, I will stop asking about my selfishness because now all I want to know is your situation.

How are you there? As if my question indicates that we have been separated by a great distance? And we always meet. Yes, because to me close not only when meeting but being the most often spent time with me I just feel close. Sound very selfish is not it?

Sorry if I look like someone who hates you. Maybe that's my way of forgetting you.

I'm sorry if lately my attitude sucks in front of you, because I myself do not know what the intent of all that. Maybe it's all part of my way to forget you, because I do not want to be hypocritical to say I do not want to forget you.

Now we are like hate each other, I with a nasty attitude in front of you and yourself with a disrespect to all that. What's this really about? Have you found the one you were looking for? He's the one who fought the canal just the way you want? Or the shadow that before always still come?

I beg you, do not make yourself like a trophy of a competition.

Whatever it is, please respect him who is really fighting. Please do not suddenly forget about him when someone fights harder than him, because getting you is not a competition. You are too beautiful if only made a trophy.

If you think he is right-fighting, then repay with loyalty as well. Do not you keep searching for more than that, because what does it mean if you keep the heart open to anyone who wants to fight to get you?

Thank you ever stop in my heart. And forgive if someday I no longer think about you.

Please, please take care of your health because the thing that is much more painful than seeing you with others is when you have to see you lying sick without being able to notice you. I'm sorry if one day I can not think of you anymore. Sorry if one day I do not care anymore, because maybe at that moment I've realized that thinking of you is just cause a new pimple.

Thank you for ever dropping in, and thank you for ever believing in every loving, loving, and loveful word I should not have addressed to a person who is wasting like you. Honestly now I must live in a lie when I have to say that again to the others.

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