I Speak You In My Way, And Without You I’m All Right

I Speak You In My Way, And Without You I'm All Right

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This morning the sky was so bright, it was a soothing breeze. I stretch my arms as I feel how beautiful this morning and I feel without you, I'm fine.

After a few years together and with almost perfect planing, you suddenly walk away. You leave our memories, you forget our struggle and you just leave the wound with the word "sorry". There I can only be silent, trying to think again, trying to be patient and trying to believe, God has a better plan than all this.

Many people say sticking to not reveal and survive not to have it feel worse than a broken heart. But I'm trying it does not work for me, because from there I can take a lot of valuable lessons that make me more tough than usual.

It did not take long for you. Quite briefly maybe, just a few months because I have a God who always hugs me and always makes me comfortable as I get closer to Him. And that is a much more beautiful taste than the taste I have ever tasted.

Everything in this world from God the Creator of Nature and will return to Him anyway. Includes our first story that God entrusted to sharpen my maturity.

Thank you for having offered me the future, for you left me:

* I am closer to my Lord.

* I better feel how great being a patient person.

* I always think positive taking the lessons, lessons and experience of the story.

Thank you for having offered me the future, for you left me:

* I became a better person than my old self.And since you left me,

I now have a much more beautiful story from our story first.

For those of you who have had the same story in this story,

love yourself.

Love your Lord, for He has set out a beautiful story for you, and it will be given at the right time according to Him, not according to you. Make peace with the situation and make peace with His statutes. Then you will feel a taste that is far more beautiful than the taste you have ever felt.

Dariku, the girl who smiled sweetly review the story.

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