I Will Go and (Maybe) Will not Go Back, You Who Have Scratched Injuries at Heart

I Will Go and (Maybe) Will not Go Back, You Who Have Scratched Injuries at Heart

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Talk about us, about you who make wounds in the heart. Wounds that may not be able to be remedied. That made me have to go and (probably) not come back again, to you who once adorned this heart.

You who have been the idol of the heart, why are you willing to betray?

Though I have surrendered all the feelings in this heart for you guard and you care about, but why do you hurt this?

What exactly is in your mind, what from the beginning we met me just as an escape for you?

Why are you so willing to betray without thinking about this feeling in your heart?

If I had known from the beginning it was finally like this, I would never have let you in to enter and decorate this heart. But whatever my day, I'm only a mortal man who never knows what will happen in the future. I had blamed God for what happened to me, but I realized it did not matter, because God is innocent. What's wrong is me alone, why I can drop this heart on the person who will eventually scratch the wound in the heart.

Maybe God gave me this kind of ordeal so I can learn to forgive and explain everything that happens. Behind the hurt and sadness you have given me, I thank you. Thank you for giving me pain that I have never felt before. This is a complete feeling I feel, because I've felt love and affection from you (even though the taste is false) and I've felt hurt from you.

Right now I'm trying to forget you and all about us, but it's all so difficult because I've been too deep down on you. But at least now I'm starting to forget about my smile, the smile that ever made my heart feel like stopping for some time. Now I can only surrender and surrender everything to the creator. Let the time that will help me to forget you and all those sweet memories.

If one day you think of me and want to go back to the story that I'm buried in the bottom of this heart, you must have understood that it will never happen again. Because this heart is too sick to repeat the same story a second time. I have been loving all my heart, but you can easily betray the love and love I give. So do not you ever try to get back into my life.

I will never hate or cursed you for what you did to me. Because it does not work for me. Yes, it's so painful, but you know I'm not a hateful person. May God reward you for all your deeds.

Behind all the trials will surely be the lessons I find. Yes, I consider what I am experiencing is a trial that I must pass. I understand that loving someone who does not have a heart like you will only scratch the wound in the heart. I hope there will be no more people like you in this world. The person who only toy and scratch the wound in the heart. You will never understand the pain you've scratched, because you only care about yourself. At least now I already understand that I have been wrong in love. This story will remain immortal, even though I have taken it away and (probably) I will never return, to you who have scratched the wound in the heart.I who currently still feel the taste in the heart, can only hold this flavor itself without anyone to accompany. If you had known, the scars you have scratched will never be forgotten until someday someone who will treat the wound will come. I believe it will be time for me to stand up without your shadow again. I believe that when the time comes, there will come someone who will heal the wound in my heart and will make me smile again. That is for sure.

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