I Witnessed Life of Wife’s Struggle Against Cancer

I Witnessed Life of Wife's Struggle Against Cancer

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Vemale.com – This is a true story from Angelo Merendino, a photographer who writes and documents his own love story with the Hemisphere. And how he accompanied her in the hardest days of breast cancer. Let's look at the outpouring of his heart the following.


Ever since I first saw jennifer, I know. I know he's the only one. I know like how my father hummed his sister in the winter of 1951, after she met my mother for the first time, "I found her."

A month later Jen got a job in Manhattan and left the Clevelanc. I went there, to meet my brother, but also to meet with Jen. Every time I met, my heart would wriggle against my brain, "Say dong!" But .. I do not have the courage to tell Jen that I can not live without her. Until one day my heart burst, and like a schoolgirl, I told Jen, "I like you." And as my heart grew, Jen's beautiful eyes opened and said, "Me too."

(c) Angelo Merendino

6 months passed, I packed up my stuff and flew to New York. With an engagement ring heating up inside my purse. That night, at our favorite Italian restaurant, I knelt down and applied for Jen. Less than a year later we were married in Central park, attended by family and friends. We did the first dance as husband and wife, accompanied by her father's humor and accordion, 'I'm in the mood for love'.

Five months later, Jen was diagnosed with breast cancer. I remember exactly what the situation was… Jen's voice, and the numbness that covered me. That feeling never went away. Nor will I ever forget how we looked at each other's eyes and held each other's hands, "We're together, we'll be fine."

(c) Angelo Merendino

(c) Angelo Merendino

In every trial, we get closer. Words are no longer important. One night Jen was taken to the hospital. The pain was unbearable. He squeezed my arm, with his watery eyes. "You have to see my eyes, just this way I can overcome this pain." We love each other in every part of our soul.

(c) Angelo Merendino(c) Angelo Merendino

Jen taught me about love, listening, giving and trusting with each other, and myself. I've never been this happy before.

Among all the struggles, we are fortunate to have a strong motivational group, but we are still trying to make others understand day by day and all the difficulties we face. Jen experienced chronic pain due to a side effect of almost 4 years of care. At age 39, Jen began using a walker and often felt tired because of frequent falls, experiencing bruises and abrasions.

(c) Angelo Merendino

It is a fragment of a story written by Angelo as he and his wife begin to have love until they have to face the fact that perhaps their story will not last long. But Angelo and Jen feel strong enough to face them as long as they are together.

Angelo recorded every moment in which he and his wife took the bitter truth that Jen had breast cancer. Through Jen's expression, we can see the fear and sadness that he buried. And through the black and white of this photo, we can feel how angular Angelo feelings are trying strong and enduring for his wife.

(c) Angelo Merendino

Angelo recounts that during his wife's treatment, it was not easy psychically. His wife faces every treatment with a sad face, she also has to lose her hair, not to mention the pain she is experiencing.

Not only that, technical issues such as insurance claims and doctors who collide also become another problem they must face. but to bear this pain is not easy.

(c) Angelo Merendino

(c) Angelo MerendinoThrough his photo, Angelo wants to show what kind of cancer really is, how his wife faced it all, how their love tries to overcome it all. This photo is them.

He told the prospective patients who also had cancer. That cancer actually can not be explained medically alone. There was an emotional state he wanted to convey through the photographs of his wife. That is why these photos contain psychological elements and tremendous positive sentiments.

(c) Facebook.com/My Wife's Fight With Breast Cancer

(c) (c) Facebook.com/My Wife's Fight With Breast Cancer

Now Jen is gone, but for Angelo, this is a story he will never forget. Jen taught her many things, especially about love. Jen made her a perfect husband, who had accompanied her since they had confessed each other until Jen had to end her life in the world.

(c) Facebook.com/My Wife's Fight With Breast Cancer

In a photograph, Angelo says that he and his wife are confronted with cancer that is like a war. War they never choose, but will always face, because everything will be fine as long as they are together.

Love every morsel of the people in your life. Jennifer Merendino

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