Identify Dangerous Around Air that Can Be Harmful of Eyes

Identify Dangerous Around Air that Can Be Harmful of, Jakarta Not only in Pekanbaru whose air condition is dangerous. Actually in big cities also the air status is not necessarily safe. More details, following the narrative of Head of Service, Corneal Diseases, Consultant, Uvea Service, L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad and Dr Swapnali Sabhapandit, an LVPEI alumni as quoted Healthmeup page, Monday (10/3/2014):

First, according to Swapnali, the people who live in big cities need to know is the kind of pollution that can endanger health, such as:

– Carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide is usually obtained from cars, air conditioners and heating. This type of air is a source of air pollution.

– Nitrogen dioxide

Nitrogen dioxide is usually obtained from cars and factories. This causes severe allergic reactions as well as acid rain.

– Particle

Fine and coarse particles can create allergic symptoms in the human body.

– Sulfur dioxide

It has a smell like rotten eggs and the frequency comes from the industry. This causes a haze that is bad for the skin, eyes and breathing.

– Other pollutantsAsbestos, arsenic, benzene, lead, dioxin and others are sources of air pollution. While chlorofluorocarbons, Halons and so on are the cause of the bolongnya layer of ozone that became protective in the atmosphere. These pollutants often cause the eyes and skin are chronic irritation and even at risk of cancer.

Effects of air pollution on the eyes

The most common problems of eye attack are:

Burning sensation
Allergic reactions, ranging from severe itching, redness, swelling of the eyelid, inability to open the eyes, to vision problems and the risk of infection (conjunctivitis, ulcers).


According Swapnali, there are some tips for maintaining eye health, such as:

– Routine compress the eyes

– Routine using eye drops

– Use sunglasses outdoors

– Avoid contact lenses and excessive eye makeup when the eyes hurt

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