If Indonesia Has a Floating Market, Bangladesh Has a Floating School. We are a good example!

If Indonesia HasYou say, many areas in Indonesia are subscribed to the flood? Indeed yes, but also not our country alone. Let us look at Bangladesh, this country is the same, always at risk of flooding. This disaster has become a common threat for children in Bangladesh to stay in school. Due to global warming and rising sea levels, the country is already aware of the flood that never tired of disturbing and approaching. Families living in the lowlands are always troubled by floods, such as roads that can not be passed and children who can not follow the lessons in the classroom. But it does not necessarily make the children lose their right to education. So, what is the solution for this one disaster ???

A Bangladesh-based organization successfully initiated the founding of the Floating School. This is how the country is fighting the flood

Solutions do not have to come from the government. It could be from organizations like NGOs or even communities that do and move for a better life. They innovate in the fight against floods and continue to grant children the right to Bangladesh to stay in education. Mohammed Rezwan was his name, a Bangladeshi architect who made this idea. He and his team have made every effort to try and educate children who may never have a chance to go to school in real life. In addition, Rezwan also wants to ensure that children will not drop out despite their flooded homes.

There are 100 boats that act as floating schools in Bangladesh. Please do not imagine the comfortable class atmosphere and the beautiful scenery lying outside the window

This school is far from perfect, but the organization is so serious about providing various facilities. Not only provide a place, they also provide other facilities such as health clinics, libraries and even agricultural training centers and financial management. You want to know what is the most amazing of this floating school?

There is even a computer and wireless internet access in it

There is no obstacle to not going to school despite the rain and causing flooding. Until now there are more than 1000 students in this floating school

So, this floating school is a roofed boat that protects the children from the sun and the rain. You are confused about where the electricity for the computer comes from? They use solar power.

Before the floating school and its library came to our village, we did not know what the name of the internet and computers, said Hasinur Rahman, a student, as reported by aljazeera.com

Schools can be more complete in the matter of teaching and learning equipment than the schools on land, but are you sure this school is really comfortable compared to normal school?

Complaints when the flood comes is usually about the inaccessibility of children leaving for school due to lack of transportation. Through this floating school it can be resolvedSchool dropouts are common in this region. It is very difficult for me to accept such a situation. I think that if children can not come to school because of lack of proper transportation, then the school must come by boat, said Rezwan quoted from senayanpost.com

Yes, the floating school really came to his students. If the school is up in front of them, they just jump into it. So this way is not there no reason not to learn in school ?? Each floating school can accommodate at least 30 students and be taught by a teacher. They study there for four hours every day, and six days a week. Bitahi (7), one of the students at the school stated, without a floating school, he had to walk for an hour to school.

Do not flood, go to school in the rainy season is very troublesome. Children have to walk a long way on the streets muddy and muddy, can not that also kill their spirit of learning?

The organization has also trained boats that teach villagers about climate change. They hope to get more money to build more floating schools that can accommodate at least 180,000 students. Well, along with the country's efforts to combat global warming, tens of millions of Bangladeshis seem to be forced to depend on all floating facilities when the water around them rises.

So, is not just a market that can be made floating? School can. If Bangladesh can give students rights when the floods stretch, why not Indonesia?

Now try to see the big islands in Indonesia such as Kalimantan, Sumatra, and Papua which has long and wide rivers. That river is used as a floating market and already known to the world because of its uniqueness. Meanwhile Jakarta, Semarang, Tegal, Donggala, and 14 other cities / districts have been recorded by the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) as flood-prone areas. An opportunity to provide a floating school for schoolchildren so as not to lose their rights.

Every year Indonesian children lose the right to learn and gain insight when disaster strikes. If indeed the flood can not be overcome, it can not be overcome, why not turn to provide a solution for children to still be able to enjoy the lessons when the water rises? Bangladesh seems to need our example of innovation. And hopefully Indonesia can fulfill the right of education of its citizens even though disasters often come in the way.

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