If Not Consumed Carefully, 7 Healthy Food It’s Not Taking Benefits Again

If Not Consumed Carefully, 7 Healthy Food It's Not Taking Benefits AgainNow the trend of healthy living has become a lifestyle that many we choose everyday. Choosing to eat organic foods, exercise routine, to consume supplements to increase stamina is no longer so foreign.

One of the most developed trends is to choose healthier food foods that are considered healthier to enter the body. But not infrequently, limited knowledge makes us choose some food menu without a careful calculation. In this article, Hipwee will tell you, a healthy diet that turns out to be harmful to your health if you overeat.

1. White is a representation of cleanliness, but it does not mean that by consuming white rice, your body will be clean of the disease.

Since childhood we are familiar with the name of white rice. In fact, Indonesian people often assume no afdhol taste if not eat rice, even though he has been full of other foods. The pattern of consumption of our people who always include rice as a food that should be consumed should we need to review, because of the high content of sugar and carbohydrates that exist in each grain of white rice. Not that we should not eat white rice, its high carbohydrate content is good for you who have heavy and solid activity.

Many people are now turning to brown rice, because red rice is considered more nutritious and vitamins that benefit the body and make the body full for a long time. But, excessive consumption of rice (either white or red) was harmful to our bodies, the high content of arsenic in rice is often linked as a trigger of cancer.

Eat enough rice so that the disease does not nest in your body, or you can replace it with vegetables.

2. Salad becomes another alternative to get protein, combine it with cream sauce is not the right thing.

The most common alternative choice to obtain nutrients from vegetables and fruits is to eat salads. But, there are trivial things that we often do that actually have the potential to make the salad we eat turned into an unhealthy food. Combining it with cream sauce or mayonnaise is something we often do. The content of fat and calories contained in the cream sauce was dangerous for our health.

Salads also have a high energy content, even in consuming it, health experts declare that do not often eat this one menu, simply replace your big meal with salad once or twice a week to meet the protein needs in you.

Similar to Javanese salad alias lotek, the vegetables that are in it are healthy, but the spiced peanut sauce on it contains a sugar content that is not small. So, wise in consuming food.

3. Replacing fresh juice with packaging juice is not much different from drinking soft drinks, you know!When shopping at the supermarket, you will find plenty of fruit juice that is sold in packs of various sizes. Apparently, many of the nutrients and vitamins in the packaged juice drinks are lost, replaced with sugar and artificial flavorings. Instead of getting positive benefits when consuming it, our sugar levels will increase after drinking a beverage packaging. Orange Juice that we find in the supermarket for example, it contains the same sugar content with carbonated beverages.

In fact, consuming fruit in the form of juice was not good for our health, because the amount of vitamins and nutrients are lost when the process of pemejusan take place. The best way to benefit from the fruit is to chew it slowly, not by serving it in juice.

4. Do not be fooled by low-fat, zero sugar or fat-free writing written on food wrappers.

Never be tempted by low-fat, zero-sugar, or fat-free writing that is printed outside of food or beverage wrappers. Actually, our bodies need fat (not fat that sags in your stomach) as nutrients to run the body fungi with healthy and normal. Fat is also needed to maintain body temperature, and serves as a transporter of vitamins A, D, E, and K, vitamin deficiency can cause you easily attacked by disease.

What happens is that the food or beverage producers perform such a complex process to replace the good fat content of the food, and then replace it with sugar and artificial flavorings, for those of you who have consumed it, the food or drink that has the above label has a strange taste and not tasty. The chemical compound that substitutes the natural flavors of food that actually makes you have to avoid the food or drink.

5. Stomach up with protein bars when hungry will actually make the sugar content in your body increases.

Currently, protein biscuits have become excellent as an alternative food that is considered healthy and filling. Imagine, just by eating a pack of protein bars then your nutritional needs and vitamins will be met. However, these are just tricks from food producers, if you want to calculate, the activities we do everyday really do not require the intake of protein and calories as much as that. Unless, if you are an athlete who is in a competition.

Although the protein content in it is higher than a bar of chocolate, do not ever be tempted to eat it, because the protein bar itself still contains sugar, flour, artificial flavor, and other bad contents in it.

6. Changing your breakfast with cereal is a mistake many people make.

Since the campaign of healthy living has gained popularity, many of us are replacing the breakfast menu with cereals. Whereas cereals are foods that contain lots of non-essential substances that are harmful to health if we often consume them. Do not be fooled by the healthy life campaign that many cereal producers show, the high content of sugars and carbohydrates and the synthetic vitamins contained therein will potentially damage our bodies in abeyance.

If you are more careful, try checking the sugar content listed on the back of the cereal wrapper, do not be surprised if the sugar content in it is high and the wheat content in it only consists of several percent.7. For those of you who like to exercise, do not be fooled by isotonic drinks power plant.

Isotonic drinks are identical to those who frequently exercise or those with high activity. This type of drink staying digadang can restore power lost when beraktvitas, electrolytes become one of the factors that make energy lost, back again. Isotonic drinks consist of water, electrolytes, and sugar, not to mention the high content of caffeine. Consumption of excess caffeine will potentially damage the kidneys and other organs in our bodies, in addition, high caffeine is able to recover the lost power quickly, but, the effect only occurred for a moment. Sugar that is in it cause a sense of addiction, so make us addicted to consume them.

Replacing it with white water is a wise choice you can do to maintain your health.

Actually, the safest method to maintain ideal health and weight is to practice eating moderately and not excessively. Eat wisely, to eat into the activities you do, actually serves to meet the nutritional and vitamin needs for your survival, instead of being a means of accumulating trash in the stomach that will take away the happiness of your old age, by ending up in the hospital.

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