If You Can not Be Your Life Friend, You Will Always Be My Dream Friend

If You Can not Be Your Life Friend, You Will Always Be My Dream FriendNow it is only your shadow that spins in my brain as if to comfort my lonely soul and my gaping longing. That's how quiet I feel without you, as if the Maha love is mad at me and keeps my happiness is the presence of jokes even from a distance. I am now alienated among the millions of people who smile in this world but I never give up I believe in what makes me able to go through all this you, you who ever make me smile again and you who make me believe about love that can change everything and I know that from you.

I know, So much to distinguish and separate us except one is love. Because love never knows anything, He comes without us asking and sometimes he goes without us knowing even none of the devils that know when love is present and go. Honestly I can not lose you and if it is my destiny you remain here even if only your shadow I always remember until later until I can not remember a single thing about myself.

If I can give you one request I just ask you and you, though destiny does not spread its way for me to be your life companion. You will always be my dream companion. I want to set dreams with you without you knowing, I want to make the world in my own dimension with you because in this world time never sided with me for an eternity in happiness. It may be crazy because there is always your shadow in every silence and there is always your smile that always annoys me every time I believe you are not there and no longer with me.

Like your story in every breath of my breath and maybe my beautiful dream has gone by as I miss you in every second that keeps racing away in this unflattering world round without your smile.It is not too adoring you but it is the fact of the heart that deeply miss the idol of his heart which he loved very much and somehow this love is so deep in my piercing that my bones are unable to accommodate the pain of losing your beauty that makes me peace for this. If only I knew I was not created for you maybe I will come a century later when we are really in the fate together.

Now I understand miss you without you know it is so silly and I understand something that really is not got we will definitely go and disappear even though hard as we try to grasp it. Although I can not be your life partner but I want to always make you as my dream companion beautiful because it's your figure that makes me able to know what is love and woman.

Hopefully your day there is always fun and my message keep what you think is best for your love and life. I'm happy here with my prayers for you. Stay pretty even though time will eat you and he still keeps you like this time.Terimakasih you ever paint beautifully on the opaque canvas my life who do not know anymore where I will direct this cracked love eagle, at least you ever smile be with me and pass a beautiful day alone with me here.

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