If you do not want the fate of Goa Jomblang Sama Kaya Sempu Island, Mending This Information You Are Simply Tau

If you doGoa Jomblang is one of hundreds of caves found in Gunungkidul. Jomblang is a vertical cave formed by a geological process when the soil and all the vegetation above it collapsed thousands of years ago. This cave has a cave mouth with a diameter of 50 meters which also serves as the entrance. Many people came there and admitted to being amazed by the natural paintings they saw and called the light of heaven. That is, when sunlight breaks through, forming a pole of light, illuminating the beautiful flowstone and the depths of a pitch-black cave. But behind it all, you have to know something so as not to rush to get there and then make it crowded immediately. Check it slowly yes

Goa Jomblang is arguably a new tour. If you are a true nature lover, do not let this place have the same fate as Sempu Island in Malang

Goa Jomblang is considered suitable for those who like adventure, even this one place ever entered as one of the destination in the Amazing Race of America in the year 2011 ago. Located in Padukuhan Jetis Wetan, Pacarejo Village, Semanu Subdistrict, Gunungkidul Regency, IN Yofyakarta, Goa Jomblang is included in the unique tourist spot. Because to reach the bottom, you must use the rope and master the technique of tracing the cave with one rope down from top to bottom. Not at all easy, and you are forbidden to panic.

From the beginning people are familiar with this Goa, there are some circles who also predict that Goa Jomblang will be the next Sempu Island. Yes, just to remind (sin) you, Sempu Island is a nature reserve managed by Natural Resources Conservation Center East Java (BBKSDA) and the Ministry of Forestry Indonesia. Indeed, the name of the nature reserve that it must be conserved to maintain the ecosystems in it. Should, should not be used as a mainstream tourist attraction, let alone mess tourism. Because, if you have so jujugan tour of Pulau Seribu, that means Sempu is not a nature reserve anymore. You still ask, how is Sempu now? Dirty, rubbish everywhere. This paradise seems to be tarnished. You want Goa Jomblang same fate?

Just so you know, Goa Jomblang is actually a place of ancient plant conservation and developed into a special interest attractions run by local residents. If you know this is a nature reserve, then you still intend to where?

Goa Jomblang has a height of 60 meters, and required a lot of guts, as well as required the ability of single rope technique (SRT) techniques to explore it. Not easy right? If you're not sure, do not bother. Later, when you come to the cave wall, as far as the eye will see you will see karst hills and teak trees are molten, in the cave stomach will also spread the green forest landscape is very fertile.

There are various flora that grow and live there, such as moss, ferns, bushes, until big trees grow tightly. Ancient forest was named. Instead of not being able to control yourself, do not have to play here. Goa Jomblang is a place of plant conservation, because the type of plant that is in the mouth of this cave has become endemic and in the upper land is no longer the type. You know that rare this you make gradually extinct as well?

In addition to difficult, consolidate the heart to explore Goa Jomblang also need money not much. The cost of caving aja dibanderol money worth Rp 450 thousand per person. Instead of wasting money and tipping the damage it does not mending baseball

The tariff of Rp 450 thousand includes the guide, SRT set equipment, lunch, IAG insurance (transport pickup from Wonosari-Semanu roadside), and payment must be made on site. The maximum amount allowed to enter Goa Jomblang at the same time only 25 people only. It aims to maintain the stability of ecosystem and cave conditions. In fact once entered tuh you need about two to three hours in it. Want to queue afterwards? Sure? Not the best time to enjoy the beauty of this cave is at 10.00 to 12.00 aja ya? If you go outside that hour, then why not? So, rather than coming here, but it turns out the capacity of 25 people already fulfilled, aka you can not go back, mending search for other destinations ajalah ya

If you can suggest, if you want to see how the hell dalemnya goa, mending you play to Goa Pindul aja. It's already crowded, let all, do not have to damage the other

Pindul Cave is first rising than Goa Jomblang, so why do not you all play to the already crowded rich Goa Pindul aja? The more days, tourist visits are increasing, even the queue is growing longer. Tourists who want to go into the cave must be willing to spend time to queue for several hours. They gather at the mouth of the cave. In fact, so booming tourists, the river water flow was barely visible. Especially during the weekend or seasonBecause the real place is not commercialized, which may enter should only those who have interests, such as conducting research

When a region is designated as a Nature Reserve, that means the area has a unique natural state. So it is important to keep and protect it so as not to be damaged and extinct. Sempu and Goa Jomblang Nature reserves are also destined for research and science interests. Tourists who visit the nature reserve area with the aim of exclamation alias just to get the predicate slang solely, come-selfie-upload, no need mending.

Hopefully sorrow only belongs to Sempu only. Along the exposure of the nature reserve area to the public, either through social networks or anything, as if they preach that Sempu is a tourist location, not a nature reserve anymore. Hopefully Goa Jomblang not fared the same with Sempu. Hopefully our society can distinguish between nature reserve and tourist location. Hopefully the officer in charge of keeping can be more assertive if it is indeed Goa Jomblang for research and science. Let's be a good and true nature activist. Let's keep the ecosystem better by respecting the natural surroundings. Let Paradise remain a paradise, for the flora and perhaps the fauna that live in it. If you're a smart traveler, let's take care of this natural balance. Greetings Lestari!

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