If You Know This Microsoft Word Tricks, Your Duties and Work Can Be Done!

If You Know This Microsoft Word Tricks, Your Duties and Work Can Be Done!As a student or young worker, Microsoft Word has become your daily food. Ms Word is probably the first program you know when you play a computer for the first time. But so far, how far do you know this program? Do you already know all the hidden functions?

The main function of Ms. Word is indeed to create document files. Simple language, for typing. But, let your typing process and work done quickly, some of these Microsoft Word tricks you should know!

1. Let me quickly, no need to drag krusor from beginning to end of paragraph. Just click 3 times, the entire paragraph can be blocked

To block a paragraph, we get used to drag and down crucifixes from the beginning to the end of the paragraph. If the paragraph is not long anyway, no problem. But what if the paragraphs are ancient texts that can be as long as one page?

There is an easier quick way! Just click 3 times the paragraph you want, then by itself the paragraph will be blocked!

2. Block one sentence with Ctrl + sentence you want. Not bad for shortening time

To block one sentence, you also do not need to play the crucifix from the beginning to the end of the sentence. Sometimes you are tucked, and the sentence is surplus. The crucor is released before reaching the end of the paragraph. Let it be easier, just press the Ctrl key and select one of the words in the sentence you want. Simple right?

3. Ctrl + Shift +> to make your text font size increase

When writing a text, sometimes you want to put emphasis on a word or phrase. This can be done by differentiating the font size. In the word or sentence you want to emphasize, press Ctrl + Shift +>, then the font size will increase. Instead, you can make the font size decrease by pressing Ctrl + Shift + <. Blocked first do not forget ya!

4. The subscript and superscript effects are more practical with Ctrl + and Ctrl Shift

You have to create superscript and subscript effects but it seems lazy to move the hand to move the crucifix to Superscript or subscript tool? Easy. Use Ctrl + for subscript and Ctrl + Shift + sign (+) for superscript.5. Editing your script script, use Shift + F5 to go directly to the last section you have edited

Again fun-fun editing thesis, suddenly can be an emergency call from girlfriend. Then you are forced to close your thesis file and continue it later. To make it easier for you to find until you eat your edits, just use the shortcut shortcut Shift + F5 let you immediately arrive at the part you edit last. So do not need to nyari-nyari and remember where your work has arrived.

6. Copy and paste data from the internet sometimes sucks because the format is messy. Relax, use Ctrl + Space Bar to convert it to normal text format

Not infrequently you need to enter data that you take from the internet. Unfortunately, if you just hack into your Word page, the text format will be messy because it follows the internet format. If you want to copy the manual is complicated too. Relax, copy the text you want, then press Ctrl + the space key. The text will change to plain text, which follows the standard format of your computer. It's easy? But do not be used for copas thesis or thesis of people yes; p

7. Already know yet in Ms. Word is there a hidden calculator you can use?

If by chance you are working on a file full of arithmetic formulas, do not be confused how to write that great formula. Now you should know that in your Microsoft spreadsheet your word has a hidden calculator that can simplify your work. Take out this calculator by:

Click Word Options> Quick Access Toolbar / Customize> Replace Command to All Command> Calculate> Add> OK

Now you're no longer dizzy to write formulas in Microsoft Word worksheets.

8. Forgot to turn off typing time capslock? Easy. Block text, then push Shift + F3 to turn it into all lowercase (or vice versa)

Perhaps you forgot to turn off capslock when writing, or it could happen that your laptop keyboard is on capslock errors broken, instead of rewriting it from scratch, you can use lowercase and uppercase menus to turn your writing into capital letters all or all lowercase letters. Let it be faster, block the posts you want to change, then click Shift + F3. Right!

9. Must replace the new page, do not need to enter repeatedly. Live Ctrl + Enter ajaAfter Chapter 1 is done, it's time to move on to Chapter 2. That means you have to move to a new page. It will be quite time consuming if you press enter repeatedly. But with Ctrl + Enter, in one second you're on a new page. With Ctrl + Enter, if you edit on that page, it will not affect the previous pages.

10. Ctrl + Shift + C can be used to copy text format without text, then paste with Ctrl + Shift + V

Although simple and looks trivial, the affairs of this writing format can be quite inconvenient. Because many pritilan you have to set one-one. It would be very beneficial if you can copy from an existing format. Maybe you often mencopas writing and all the writing. Then you will delete the contents of the text bit by bit and replace it with your writing. Quite complicated indeed. But with Ctrl + Shift + C you can copy the existing writing format without including the contents of that post. Next use Ctrl + Shift + V to paste it into your work page.

How? Quite easy right? By using these Microsoft Word tricks you can shorten the time to do this edit it. Stay once or twice click, straight out!

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