If Your Friend Has Problems with Bad Smell, Tell Him These Things!

If Your Friend Has Problems with Bad Smell, Tell Him These Things!A sweet smile and word-telling are two crucial qualities to build a conversation. But two things are useless if you have a bad breath. Smelly, conscious-unconscious breaths are very disturbing to your interlocutor. His concentration broke out because he had to hold his breath, keep his distance, and must keep listening to your sentences. At a time like this, he would hope you can just have to keep your mouth open at all.

It is still fortunate that the friends you have are willing to tolerate and refrain from commenting. Just imagine if you meet someone who bluntly cut your talk with, Did you brush your teeth right?

In order to avoid embarrassment and re-gain your PD, try the following ways to keep your breath fresh and stop bad breath for good.

1. By the fresh breath, stop eating onions and garlic

As you recall, maybe you never chew and swallow the red and white onions round. But unfortunately the two onions are unaware you always eat while enjoying almost all Indonesian cuisine, which is mostly spiced base onion and garlic. If you really want to have a fresh breath, you should strive to avoid spiced onion dishes.

What makes these two onions not good for fresh breath? Is a sulfur compound contained in the onion and garlic are absorbed into the bloodstream. This absorption is then released when you exhale. It is this breath that smells unpleasant when inhaled by the other person. If you already like this you want to brush your teeth while somersaulting and chewing dozens of candy points, the smell will not disappear. Until the absorbed sulfur is completely discharged in your bloodstream.

2. Always brush your teeth before bed, so your mouth is not a nest of bacteria

Dentists are always reminded and boys in certain toothpaste ads also recommend that you brush your teeth twice a day, morning and night before bed. We all know the effects of morning toothbrush, fresh mint-scented breath throughout the day. Then why brush your teeth at night if we do brush your teeth again in the morning?

If you still ask like that, do not be surprised if your breath still smells. Toothbrush at night will get rid of the rest of the food and dirt that you all day kumpulin in the mouth. If the rest of the food is still in the mouth, the odor-producing bacteria means having a reason to spend the night in your mouth. As a result, your breath smells almost like poison gas in the morning. So, do not forget to brush your teeth at night so that bacteria can not do much in your teeth. Then, get rid of the bacteria in the morning.

3. Avoid drinking coffee and alcohol before bed

BOO! Not cool emang, but for the sake of a fresh breath you hobby of coffee should be reduced first. So what? Coffee and alcohol have a dry effect on your mouth and teeth, reduce saliva production and end up giving the perfect land for bad breath-causing bacteria to multiply. If you have to drink coffee or alcohol, make sure you do not take a few hours before bedtime as this will give time and a good place for bacteria to breed. Anyways make coffee before bed? Later you will not even sleep.4. Mouthwash is refreshing, but not for every use after a toothbrush

Liquid wash cleaner gives fresh and clean effect on your mouth, your breath also become more fragrant. But actually mouthwash has a trap in exterminating the breath is not fresh. After giving a breath of fresh and fragrant, mouth washer (especially those containing alcohol) will make your mouth dry. And as you know dry mouth is a good cup for breeding bad breath bacteria.

Let it be safe, use your mouthwash mouthwash after morning toothbrush, because your saliva will be produced again soon. Do not use after the night brush, because the fresh effect just a few hours before the mouthwash began to perpetuate the path to bacteria that cause bad breath.

Sleeping with your mouth open can also cause bad breath, you know!

Just like snoring, you never know whether your mouth is closed or open during sleep before being told by others. Setting the mouth when sleeping is difficult, because you can begin to sleep with your mouth closed and in a few hours your mouth is open while sleeping. When the mouth is already open, air will come out and enter your lungs through the mouth. Air is back and forth that will cause dryness in the mouth and as you know, dry mouth is a favorite place of bacteria.

Compare if your mouth is closed during sleep, air goes out and comes in only through the nose. While the mouth is kept awake by the saliva that is periodically produced in the mouth. If possible, always try to keep your mouth shut while sleeping. You can ask for help from the family or ask for help from someone who sleeps with you.

6. Try a mouthwash technique with oil like an Indian

Oil pulling comes from India about 3000 years ago, this technique requires patience and thoroughness because it does not give instant fresh effect like mouthwash mouthwash. The way is quite easy: prepare a tablespoon of coconut oil then gargle with the oil, gargle with a flat to all parts of the mouth. Do not forget parts like the walls of the mouth, the underside of the tongue, and the rear gum. Do it every day for 20 minutes (already practically need patience do not you?).

Although this ancient technique, studies have found that bacteria and other microorganisms in the mouth can be attached to oil that is applied. And when you gargle and throw away the oil, the bacteria also come out. Besides other benefits of oil pulling is whiten teeth, overcoming sinus, digestive problems and remove toxins from the body. You can also use olive oil, sesyak sesijanya or minya that is safe for other mouths, but coconut oil remains the best for bad breath.

7. Brushing your teeth twice a day is not enough. You also have to brush your tongue.

Apparently the experts create a sophisticated toothbrush that can also brush the tongue is not without reason. In addition to the teeth, bad breath bacteria also lodged on your tongue. To brush your teeth twice a day is not enough, you also have to brush the tongue, especially the bottom because that's where the bacteria nest. Studies have shown that with regular brushing, a person's mouth odor can be reduced by as much as 70%. In addition to buying a special cleanser for the tongue, you can also use a toothbrush that you can use everyday. But remember do not brush your tongue too eager if you do not want your taste buds disturbed.8. Fight bad bacteria causing bad breath with yogurt, celery, and parsley

Well, if this technique maybe you will like to try it every day. Yogurt not directly helps you have a fresher breath. As you know yogurt contains good bacteria good for health penenraan. These good bacteria will fight bad bacteria in the mouth and digestive tract.

In addition to yogurt, the smell of breath can be reduced by snacking celery every day. Celery can kill bacteria that cause bad breath. You should also try to snack the parsley leaf, because it has antibacterial and antifungal substances that will help you have a fresh breath.

9. Chew a breath freshener containing xylitol and sugar free

Because sucking candy alone will not help, you have to chew a breath-free breathing gum containing xylitol for a fresh breath. Not only has a fresh taste with an instant scent effect, chewing this permeh will also help release food scraps and dead cells that stick to teeth, gums and tongue, so bacteria do not have food to digest. While menguyanh sugar-free candy will keep you from the threat of cavities due to sugar. Chewing the candy will also stimulate your mouth to produce saliva. As you know, enough saliva will keep your mouth moist.

10. Start from now, perbanyaklah drinking water for health and fresh breath

Lack of body fluids can lead to decreased salivary production and dryness of the mouth. You who rarely drink water will feel the area in his mouth often dry and not rarely give off unpleasant smell. Indeed, white water is the most practical therapy and easy to fight bad breath. You can swallow it directly so that the level of fluid in your body is awake, or use it to rinse and throw away whatever it is that water lifts from the mouth and teeth. But for the sake of health you should drink directly water, not for kumuran wrote. If you need to add the portion of your daily water from 1-2 glasses per day to 8-10 glasses in a day. All for the sake of health and fresh breath.

11. Go to the doctor. Who knows the problem you face is more than a bad breath?

Every 6 months, see your reputable dentist. If you do not have a dentist pledge, you should start looking from now. Go to the dentist not have to wait for a toothache, you know. You can come in six months for inspection, cleaning and treatment if necessary. Who knows your bad breath is a side effect of gum disease and tooth holes, if emang is the problem dentists will soon know what to do.

If your dentist says your bad breath is not a result of bacteria in the mouth, it is not the result of dental and gum disease, maybe you should see an internist because the bad breath is a sign of serious medical problems in the body. For example, infections, kidney and liver problems, diabetes, and acute bronchitis.

Most people are not aware if he has bad breath before being told the other person. Sometimes for fear of hurting feelings, other people do not want to say if you have bad breath. To find out if your breath smells or not, try cleaning the teeth with a thread (dental floss) and then endus the yarn. Disgusting indeed, but if the thread smells unpleasant and / or bleeding, then you have a bad breath problem. After that, use the tips above to overcome them.

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