Ihh..Semem, One of the Main Actress Woman In Japanese Movie It’s Not Real Man

Ihh..Semem, One of

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Vemale.com – If you see a science-fiction movie, you will surely see a lot of actors in non-human movies, as if you saw Transformer, Avatar, or Star Wars. This is not a new thing in fact, the more advanced technology, the more advanced the genre of film and even film actors are some who are not even human.

This is also the case in Japan. Something different from the recent Tokyo International Film Festival. Not only actors and actresses who come to attend this film festival, they are not human but also played a role in the film also come, like one of the cast of the film Sayonara.

The film is written and directed by Koji Fukuda this glance looks like an ordinary film only. But there is a different from this film, which is one of the female cast. Quoted from rocketnews24.com, not only because starring by American actress, who makes this unique film is cast actress in this movie turned out to be an android robot.

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The Sayonara film tells the story of a woman named Tania who lives in rural Japan and is described as being in a situation where Japan is undergoing a nuclear incident (Fukushima Life of 2010) so that all environments are contaminated with radiation, and all citizens are evacuated to other countries.

Due to large-scale immigration, Tania belonging to the low-class society had to wait until all the priorities were evacuated, but then he was left behind until all the villagers left and left him alone. Even so, he is not really alone because there is Leona, an android robot assistant who has been with him since he was a little and sickly.

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Leona is the center of attention. This robot was created by a researcher named Hiroshi Ishiguro who previously also made a human robot replica very similar to himself. Shown in Sayonara, Hiroshi Ishiguro created this living machine as Geminoid F, the female version of the human robot.

Leona was created to speak and change facial expressions, but setet can not run and do not understand the concept of death and this is the challenge in the film. But not only that which makes the robot creation Hiroshi Ishiguro is interesting.

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Apparently, Geminoid F was created similar to an unnamed 20-year-old real woman. In an interview, the woman is also invited and seated in a match with the android robot Geminoid F, and her face is really similar. Hem … what do you think, do not you?(vem / feb)

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