Ika Natassa’s [Vemale’s Review] ” The Architecture of Love ”

Ika Natassa's [Vemale's

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Vemale.com – Title: The Architecture of Love
Author: Ika Natassa
Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Thickness: 304 pages
Publication: Third Printing, July 2016
ISBN: 978-602-03-2926-0

"People say that Paris is the city of love, but for me, New York deserves the title more It's impossible not to fall in love with the city like it's almost impossible not to fall in love in the city."

Raia Risjad, as the writer really become its own torture when he felt had lost the inspiration to work. Not to mention his married life that led to injuries. He also decided to choose New York as a place of escape. But who would have thought it was here that he met someone who was equally "lost" with him and brought him to find another destiny.

As Raia accompanies her best friend, Erin at a New Year's Eve party, Raia accidentally meets a solitary green shed man sitting in the corner of a dark room drawing an apartment building next door. The man really provokes curiosity Raia. Until the two then meet again in Central Park.

Because you're as lost as I am, Raia. And in a city this big, it hurts less when you're not lost alone. (The Archictectur of Love, page 96)

Raia finally found out that the man named River Jusuf, an architect who is also one of the founders of Panacea Architects. Since then, Raia and River have traveled the corners of New York together. River will wait for Raia in front of her apartment every nine o'clock in the morning together to explore New York. Raia with her laptop and River with her drawing book. With the help of River who has the background as an architect, Raia can find new glasses every view the buildings to the park they visit.

Architecture is sort of a combination of love, mind, and reason. Designing the building is not just a technical matter, not just make the building safe and comfortable, but also accommodate the sentimental values ??of the owner.

Spending a lot of time together, there is no denying a flavor that emerged between Raia and River. However, each save the past and there are scars that imprint. In addition to confusion must determine how to respond to that sense, Raia and River are also wrestling to make peace with many things that happen.

"Know the main problem of women? Not weight, not makeup, not acne, fuck any of those shit, all there is medicine .. But know that there is no cure? All women are always so easy in front of men who have already love. easy in terms of sex yes I mean, but so easy to forgive, easy to accept, easy to accept invitation, sometimes even easy to believe. "

One thing that most make reading this novel is like we are invited to walk to various corners of New York. The details and descriptions of every place that Raia and River visited were very real. Told by the third person's point of view, we are invited to share the feelings and emotions of Raia and River more easily. The problem of depression, vulnerability, feeling back to feeling loved and loving, holding feelings, making peace with the past, and how ultimately fate speaks.

People say, in the unexpected moments, sometimes someone comes into our lives through random encounters, maybe on the street, on shows, in restaurants, stations, trains, and somehow this person becomes the person we feel the closest to , most make us comfortable, more than the people we've known for longer and deeper.The story of Mr. Sungai and Ibu Kebun Raya is flowing very gently. It can not stop reading if not finished. Stay up late to complete this novel. Feelings of stirring up each reading page after page. The more curious when the past of Raia and River was finally revealed. Plus the more gregetan when they start to feel something but still shrouded in doubt.

Not just about New York, but also about rediscovering hope. Again feel the love and also the matter of stepping back with a new heart.

(vem / nda)

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