I’m at the Crossroads, Between Passion and Waiting

I'm at the Crossroads, Between Passion and Waiting

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From every journey, every human does not demand perfection. But he deserves happiness.

I stood at a crossroads, looking from the heights of every corner of life. There is something wrong with my thinking and this journey of love. Not many scoffed at me and not many praised me. I felt the coldness of my heart and the silence of the time lurking every breath. Will it be happy or will it continue to struggle?

There is nothing wrong with love. When I want to start and end it all beautiful in time. It is the word of those whose whole life is going well and still there in every step. Who I am standing at this intersection can only think. O my Lord is my mind.

I brought my way to an intersection. Life is the same with you the word connoisseurs. The same life with those job seekers. Live the same as those who produce food. The same life with those worshipers. But, for them I do not have the same life with them.

Like living in the desert, wanting to taste a lot of water. But the power is not up. Even to mencaraknya too dear taste. You must know love is not as beautiful as a soap opera. Too sad and sad to enjoy.

Every night I enjoy sweating with some love. Every morning I found my love to leave me. Every day I feel the same sigh of every love that meets me. This is my humble life mixed up. Revenge for you who used to go. You are the one who will promise life but will be somehow so that I am inflamed.

Remember you, at this intersection you always tell about a beautiful life. Build a family and continue it according to normal human life normally. Full of happy without contempt. You have your sturdy back to be ridden. You have your strong hands to hold my hands tight. You provide your strong legs to walk with me.

However, that was before. When you still think I'm a red-cheeked woman with her innocence. Immediately you disappear with the shadows. Following the wind and leaving no trace of it.

I like being in a nightmare. When I woke up, I found my old life before you were there. As well as every path that we tapaki, I no longer smelled you. My life stopped with stupidity.

I went back to sleep and woke up hoping to get a dream to meet you. But nothing. I went back to rant, with tears and a runny nose. I did not meet you.

Until finally I turned into a woman with red lipstick with pride. Every love that comes I offer pseudo happiness. The usual happiness is achieved in one night. It's me who changed because lost direction. Like the road this morning, at the intersection I find desire and waiting. My desire is to find a real love and waiting for you that step with the wind. Although this lips say do not have to go back. However, this heart says come back.

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