I’m Here To Still Struggling to Forget Traces that Have Died

I'm Here To Still Struggling to Forget Traces that Have Died

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A year passed ..

Well, it does not seem to be a year we ended it all.

It's been a year too I struggled myself to forget you, but do you know that your shadow is still in my heart. What kind of ink do you use to paint in my heart and mind until I find it hard to find the ink bidder. I used to think maybe after one year gone I will forget the person who ever fill the space in my heart.

But what, even when a year goes on about you is still in my mind. I'm still struggling to forget the traces that died one year ago, for some reason your shadow does not want to go away from my memory when I've never again tried to find out about you.

But I do not know, it's so hard I forget you, sometimes I get mad at myself.

Come on Nofi, forget about him. He no longer cares about you, look at him already happy with other people, of course there is no longer your name in his heart. What do you expect from her? You want happiness with him?

But what? What? All you get is pain, is not it?

Come on Nofi, fight. Forget the dead. Forget the love that has ruined you.

That sentence raged within me. And again, I shed tears for the umpteenth time in front of my Lord. To be honest I am ashamed of Allah Almighty who has created the heavens, the earth and everything in it because I expect His servant who is not necessarily obedient to his Lord.

O Allah, forgive me, O God. I've been too hopeful to humans and almost forgot about You.

Actually this is not what I want. Very simple really, I just want to make peace with the past. I want a future without the past that hold back my steps. It's not easy to forget my three-year journey of love while the time to forget it has only been for a year, maybe it takes me longer than when I love her.Come Nofi fight again, do not give up until here alone.

Again I encourage myself because if not me, then who else. Since the key is only in myself, I am let down by my self that is hoping that the good memories will come back as before.

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